I have heard rumors that Slinky Dog’s tail had gone missing, but you know here at TMSM we don’t post rumors.  So we ventured out to Hollywood Studios to look for ourselves. Above is a picture of what Slinky looked like the last time we visited.  As you can see he had that adorable little tail that wiggled throughout the ride.  Keep scrolling to see what we found on our next visit.

It’s gone!  No cute wiggly tail!

A closer look.

We asked cast members where Slinky’s tail went and they said it was removed because it was a safety hazard.

So there you have it.  This was definitely not a rumor.  Slinky has lost his tail due to safety concerns.  I wonder if Slinky will ever get his tail back?  We will keep an eye out to see if his tail comes back so stay tuned to The Main Street Mouse for more!



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