Hollywood Studios has somewhat been the guinea pig for the new wave of entertainment Disney has rolled out in the last 2 years. If you can recall when the hat was removed from Hollywood Boulevard it opened up the necessary space to create a backdrop where projections could be cast onto buildings and so a Star Wars Spectacular rolled out, followed by Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam, which makes its return to the park this holiday season. Full length state of the art projections then made their way over to Magic Kingdom with the new Happily Ever After fireworks and projection show that replaced Wishes.

Sure, Magic Kingdom has projected images onto the castle in the past, but with the quality and realism that we’ve seen lately, the trend debuted and was tested at the neighboring Hollywood Studios. The immersive experience was paved with the Star Wars Spectacular.

Finally, two years after the Osbourne Family Lights show was pulled from the Streets of America, Hollywood Studios has given guests something to return to the park for during the Holidays. There has been a lot of Buzz – no pun intended – around this new addition, and from what has leaked on the internet, it’s a sight worth seeing.

This season the Hollywood Tower of Terror is getting in the Christmas spirit too with Sunset Seasons Greetings. A projection scene of gingerbread courtesy of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, transforms the once ominous looking tower into a fantastic sight full of Yuletide cheer. If you are on Sunset Boulevard when the tower transforms, you are in for a treat with a special projection of Mickey and Minnie and a Toy Story surprise. Sunset Boulevard also becomes the home to Disney’s infamous “snope” which is the effect of snow, but made with soap. It is not recommended that you stick your tongue out to taste the flurries.

The show officially debuts tonight, but insider sources at Hollywood Studios last night got a sneak peek at the projections and the “snow” on Sunset Boulevard. Many who were present took a moment to livestream the magic on Facebook, but found this morning their livestreams which stay up as videos after the event, were taken down due to “copyright” issues.

I was lucky enough to watch a livestream of the Sunset Boulevard transformation, and it is officially on my holiday to-do list at the parks this season.

So tell us Main Streeter’s, what’s on your Holiday to-do list this year at Walt Disney World?


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