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Since February of 2013, Kingdom Strollers has been one of our biggest supporters.  TMSM Staffer Corey Tucker (Tuesdays with Corey) and his family were at Walt Disney World on vacation, and with the long days decided they needed a stroller for the visit.  Corey’s wife, LaKresha, wrote a review of the services of Kingdom Strollers to share with the other TMSM readers.  There are many different choices for stroller rentals, but we wanted to pass this along so that the Main Streeters could learn more about the company that has been a big supporter of TMSM and consider using their services.

The chaos of packing and organizing items into the trunk of our car for a week long trip to WDW can be quite the challenge, especially if there is a need for…..THE STROLLER, eeek!! What a relief to have a rental company available for this huge, cumbersome item!

Now when I first heard about renting a stroller I thought, well there’s another stop along the way to our destination, we’ll have to find a way to fit this thing into our already packed to the point of bursting car, it’s probably going to be dingy from previous use, hard to fold, do we really want to spend the extra money??. But I was wrong & the little bit of extra money was well worth it….they delivered this awesome stroller to our hotel AND came back to pick it up, what a huge help this company was!


The stroller was VERY clean, labeled with our family name, ready to go. On our most recent trip we had our 2 year old daughter and almost 5 year old nephew so we chose the double stroller; they both fit in easily and had plenty of room to lay back and nap. It also included a rain cover in its own storage bag and cup holder/storage pouch which attached to the handlebar. This particular stroller, the City Mini, folded veryeasily by pulling up on a strap located in the seats, much easier than the one we have at home. It fit well in the trunk of our VW Jetta. There was also a storage compartment located underneath the seats which held our diaper bag, stuffed animal, stroller fan, cup, etc…much more than it appeared large enough for.




Another plus to having a rental stroller from an off site company is you can take it wherever you go…outlet shopping, malls, other parks, etc. One thing I would definitely recommend is a balloon or ribbon, something to mark your stroller because there are quite a few of them within the parks…a testament to how convenient and reliable this company is. I am so grateful that we didn’t have to fit a bulky stroller into our car with our luggage and that we didn’t have to pick it up or return it to Kingdom Stroller.


I HIGHLY recommend this company for any stroller need you may have, even if your stay is just for a few days, it takes away the aggravation of packing it into your car and leaves room for more souvenirs!

Thank you LaKresha for the review.  If you are ever in need of a stroller when you are in the Walt Disney World area, we ask that you please consider contacting Kingdom Stroller Rentals.  Matt and his staff are fantastic and will make sure to assist you in all your stroller rental needs.  You can call them at 407-271-5301 or visit their website at: and please let them know you heard about them on The Main Street Mouse.




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