Well, it looks like I am going to have to abandon that phrase for good now. CURSES Disney! Last week it was announced that the fireworks spectacular Wishes is the next Disney Park staple to go in a series of recent changes to park entertainment.

*photo by Moments of the Magic


This sudden announcement has been received with mixed reviews among the Disney community. Some people are happy to have something new and exciting to look forward to while others are hesitant to say goodbye to the show which ends its run in mid-May. Many are feeling much like their beloved traditions are being discarded; first rope drop, and now wishes. The replacement for rope drop being “Let the Magic Begin” a welcome show in front of the castle and now “Happily Ever After” takes the place of Wishes.

If you’re an avid Disney fan, this may not have come as a shock to you. I actually saw this coming when Wishes Dessert party was quietly rebranded to Fireworks Dessert Party on pretty much all the signage in the park, the website and the MyDisneyExperience app. Call me a Disney conspiracy theorist, but all signs pointed to a change on the way… literally.

With this new show comes some questions like; will the Made with Magic items that glow still work with this new experience? Currently, Wishes, Fantasmic, and Epcot World Showcase are synched to the four available Made with Magic accessories (Mickey Ear Hat, Minnie Mouse Headband, Mickey Mouse Glove and the Sorcerer Mickey Wand) that are programmed to light up.


Will fast passes be an option for the hub grass or preferred fireworks viewing? Disney did away with this a little more than a year ago, but without a doubt, the hub grass is one of the best places to plant yourself to watch a fireworks show in front of the castle. If you’re not there early to stake a spot, you can end up standing while you wait, or in a walkway which is a hazard. Inevitably when the parks are packed, it’s already hard to grab a spot for Wishes, and I can only imagine how packed it will be with guests clamoring to see what the new show is all about.

Luckily Disney released a two-minute video on their official blog with a sneak peek at some of the castle projections, animations, pyrotechnics and the orchestra working on the score. The colors of the castle projections look really vivid and the fireworks look insane. Its seems like Happily Ever After is all about incorporating more of the new generation of Disney including Moana, Brave, Big Hero 6, and Zootopia to name a few. There will still be classics like Aladdin, and the Little Mermaid from what I could tell watching the video, which is a sigh of relief for those of us who will surely miss the iconic voice of Robin Williams as the Genie blasting across the park.

For anyone worried about the fireworks dessert party, Disney has assured guests that they can still get their sugar rush from a prime viewing spot at the Tomorrowland Terrace without any interruption.

Changes can be a good thing, and if there is anything we know about Disney it’s that ultimately the changes we see will be spectacular in terms of production quality and value. The new show will debut at Magic Kingdom on May 12th. Until then, you can be sure I’ll be making any excuse to get to Disney between now and May 12th, and when I’m there you can find me on the hub grass during Wishes. I’ll be the woman holding a Mickey Premium bar and loudly sobbing to the show while wearing my sparkly Snow White ears from my shop and eating my feelings.


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