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Happy Wednesday Everyone! It’s time to catch up and see what’s going on down here in Central Florida! Are you ready? Ok, me too, let’s go!

Last week I didn’t do much in the Disney department, as it has been a rough few weeks. It’s ok to give yourself a time out and lay low once in awhile, sometimes you just need that. We wanted to get out a little bit, so on Saturday we went to Animal Kingdom for a few hours with the kids. The weather was mild and beautiful, but my gosh it was so crowded! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the “slow season” at Disney has really gone away. People were walking shoulder to shoulder back near Nemo and Everest, I couldn’t get over the crowds. We did have FastPasses for Dinosaur and Everest though, and got some good coaster video, so that was good! I’ll post the link below so you can see it. Scott used this device on his phone to keep the camera still, it really worked great!

Sunday was of course the Super Bowl. We didn’t go anywhere, we watched the game from home. Usually we eat bad food and enjoy the commercials, but this time the game was really good, and the commercials weren’t as entertaining as previous years. Ok, the commercial with Melissa McCarthy saving the whales and such was hysterical, there was that one. And food? We are doing this low carb miserable diet, so we had to make snacks that went according to that. I lost a lot of weight doing low carb dieting before. After my health issues last year I gained it all back and then some, so it’s time to get back on the stick. I’ll be honest….. I hate it. It’s hard. My dad’s side of the family is Italian, we were raised on carbs, so it’s not something that’s easy to adjust to. I’m trying though. My birthday is this coming Monday so I told everyone that I’m not dieting that day, it’s my free pass. The following day is Valentine’s Day and I usually love a good box of Russell Stover chocolates, but I’ll pass for the greater good of trying to stick to my diet. Ugh…. misery. But I’m hopeful that in a few months it will be worth it.

This week we went out and about, getting pics and such for blog ideas. Monday we went to lunch at the Poly with Autumn and her husband before they headed back home. They just got back from their Disney cruise so we went to visit for a few. The Polynesian Resort is on my bucket list of places at Disney to stay. I realized after thinking about it, we have been down here coming up on three years this June, and we have NEVER stayed at Disney yet, not even for one night! I’d love to change that eventually. Being that we live so close to World Drive, it’s hard to justify spending money on a room when we can just drive home after leaving the parks. We’ll see though. Yesterday went to Disney Springs, got some photos, and had a salad at Earl of Sandwich. YES, a salad, and not the Holiday Turkey Sandwich…. that’s dedication! We also checked out the newly themed Beauty and the Beast  store, D Living at the  Town Center side of Disney Springs! It’s really pretty! I attached that video below too!

So today, before getting my older kiddo from school, I went walking on the bike trails in an area not far from where he was. Now, this neighborhood is not your typical one, see above. As we walked, we saw homes that were bigger than anything I’d seen in a very long time. Some even had big water slides outside by their pools. Oh and the pools….. what are those called, infinity pools? Yes, that’s it. Oh. My. Gosh. These houses were so big. Out of curiosity, we googled the area, and we’re talking 2 million dollar homes. What do these people do to be able to afford that? Surely they’re not bloggers! As we walked, I felt my nose burn a little, like I wanted to cry. Not sure why. I guess a home like that is something I could only dream about for my family, maybe that’s why. As parents we always want the best for our kids, and for most families a 2 million dollar home is something that’s not attainable, but it sure is fun to think about it. Makes me wonder….. am I still a dreamer? Yes, moving to Florida was a life long dream. Yes, having our own Disney site and community was also a dream. So that’s two for two. What’s next? There is so much more I’d like to do. We rent, I’d love a home of our own again. I’d love to not worry or struggle. There are times when running TMSM is hard, and I don’t know how we keep it up, but we do. People don’t realize that it takes money to keep our sites going, but it does, and I do it anyhow…. because it was part of my dream. Sure, I’d love to have a beautiful home, and I’d love to have those types of worries gone, but I’m thankful for what we DO have. I have a family who loves me, friends who have my back, and a big Disney ohana through TMSM that spreads all over the world. How blessed am I? I’d say very. It’s not always about money, houses, cars, etc…. you have to be thankful for what you have, but it doesn’t mean you can’t dream. I know I do. Nothing wrong with dreaming… I don’t see myself giving that up anytime soon. I have something coming up soon that I can’t wait to tell you about. It’s all part of the dream, so hang in there with me!

That’s it for this week. I told you’d I’d probably have a lot more to talk about the last time we spoke, and I was right. I’m guessing next Wednesday I’ll have even more to blab about, as this weekend we’ll probably do Disney and we especially will on Monday for my birthday. As old as I am, I really do love getting a birthday button and spend the day like a kid. Age is just a number anyhow! So until next time, as always I’m sending you lots of hugs, blessings and pixie dust! Thanks for following along…. See ya real soon! ~M

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