Donald and Daisy-Inspired Food Art

March 3, 2016

From our Friends at Disney Family

Smitten and in love, Donald and Daisy are the ultimate pair. Daisy makes Donald’s day with her hugs, and you’ll brighten your family’s day with this Disney-inspired lunch. Grab some wholesome sides, gather up your little ones and build this food art that will have them shouting, “Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!”


Prep time 30 mins
Cook time
0 min
Total time 30 mins

What You’ll Need

  • Uncrustables® Reduced Sugar Peanut Butter & Grape Spread Sandwiches
  • 4 dried apricots
  • 1 can of pineapple slices
  • 1 apple
  • 5 raisins
  • 4 almond slices
  • 4 blueberries
  • 1 tablespoon of JIF® Hazelnut Spread
  • Kitchen scissors and knife
  • Pastry bag or sandwich bag
How To Make It
  1. Take Uncrustables® Sandwiches out of the freezer and set it aside to thaw for 30-60 minutes.
  2. Set Uncrustables® Sandwich on a plate.
  3. Place 2 almond slices on each Uncrustables® Sandwich for Donald and Daisy’s eyes. Add raisin pupils to each almond slice.
  4. Spoon some Hazelnut Spread into pastry or sandwich bag, cut a small corner off one end of the bag, and pipe eyebrows on the tops of the almond slice eyes. Pipe eyelashes onto Daisy’s eyes.
  5. Set the dried apricots at the bottom of the sandwich to create the beaks.
  6. Cut a raisin in half and place on apricot to create Donald and Daisy’s tongue.
  7. Cut four heart shapes out of a red apple. Place two hearts atop Daisy’s head to form her bow.
  8. Place 5 pineapple pieces in a circle to form flowers. Add blueberry centers.
  9. For the finishing touch, place remaining hearts nearby. Donald is Daisy’s one true love!

Source: Disney Family and Uncrustables Sandwiches

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