In Search of the (Sometimes!) Elusive Towel Animals


Here’s a guest blog all the way from the UK, courtesy of Claire Adams! Enjoy!

My husband and I are due to fly out to Florida from the UK in a little less than two weeks. Aside from the extensive planning I always do (obsessively, some might say) we’ve now started with the ‘what are we looking forward to most’ discussions that take place about ten times a day.

One of the things I absolutely love about staying in a Disney hotel is the fact that you may, or may not get a towel animal waiting for you in your room after a long day at the parks. It doesn’t matter how tired I am as soon as my foot touches the sidewalk on leaving the bus, my first question to my husband is ‘I wonder if we’ve got a towel animal in our room’.

Over our last three trips we’ve had mixed luck with towel animals even though we have stayed at the same resort (Port Orleans French Quarter). Our first visit was the the most plentiful – we had 5 over our two week stay. Our second trip was more disappointing with only one left (which I brought home and it now resides in our bathroom) – that is, one in addition to the regular Mickey shape you get on the bed when you check in.

Our last trip was (in towel animal terms anyway) a disaster. Not ONE towel animal was left! Not one!!! After the first week I resorted to desperate measures to try and persuade Mousekeeping to oblige – leaving little notes on the table with pictures that I’d drawn and even removing our stuffed Disney toys that we had bought and arranging them on the table and beds (in the hope that Mousekeeping would think we had children in the room and be more generous). It didn’t work. We got nothing. Not a single creature was left and I was unbelieveably grumpy (was I wrong to be disappointed?). It didn’t help that we would always see an array of wonderful towel creations on the way back to our room that other guests had proudly displayed in their windows.

So, this time we’re going all out to try and encourage Mousekeeping to be kind to us by taking Halloween decorations for the window and I’ve even made my own ‘Thank You’ envelopes to contain our daily tip in the hope that we get enough to create our own towel safari scene.

Have you got any tips or tricks that have encouraged the delivery of towel animals? I’d love to hear them!


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