5 Things We Can’t Wait to Experience at Epcot Food and Wine

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Every year the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival takes up residence in the World Showcase section of Walt Disney World’s Epcot, and quickly becomes the hottest spot in the world for foodies and wine connoisseurs. This isn’t just an event for the Walt Disney World faithful, this yearly event offers up a serious array of sophisticated culinary delights; Food and Wine is it.

And in the spirit of getting really, really, ridiculously excited about the event (it looks like we’ll actually be attending), we wanted to run down five things that we can’t wait to experience at this year’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. If this makes you insanely hungry or thirsty, we apologize ahead of time.

Rockin’ Burger Block Party


Sure, Epcot International Food and Wine is a chance to expand your palette, to experience new taste sensations from around the globe. But it’s also hard to overlook the pure joy of a good burger. The Rockin’ Burger Block Party, one of the new offerings at the Food and Wine Festival this year, is an all-night party that features world class burgers and a live DJ. Also, on October 8, the Emmy-winning hosts of ABC daytime hit show The Chew will be your hosts. As if this event could get any better.

Eat to the Beat Concerts

Food And Wine Festival

While you might not immediately think of Epcot Food and Wine as a place to see great concerts, it should be. The Eat to the Beat concert series is amazingly awesome this year, and should pair well with whatever wine and dish you’re treating yourself to that evening. Everyone from Wilson Phillips to Christopher Cross to the Pointer Sisters to Rick Springfield to Tiffany to Boys II Men to Chaka Khan will be preforming this year, ensuring that whenever you wind up attending Epcot Food and Wine, you’ll have a terrific concert to go along with it.

Brews, Breakfast and More


Chase sponsors the Food and Wine Festival and has a number of exclusive opportunities at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival for Disney Visa Cardmembers. (Full disclosure: we have a Disney Visa Card.) One of the most exciting experiences is the Brews, Breakfast and More morning. Here you’ll have a three-course breakfast that uses beer as both an ingredient and a pairing. You’ll also learn about various beer styles and the history of the process, dating back to ancient Egypt. Also, and this is incredible: “In honor of the 20th Epcot Internal Food & Wine Festival, Brewmasters from the Florida Beer Company will present Passport 20 Belgian Tripel Ale. This complex beer features one ingredient for every year of the festival, including 11 ingredients for each of the countries in Epcot’s World Showcase and one special ingredient to represent the State of Florida.” Some of the truly astounding-sounding meals include “liquid-nitrogen-fried “smoking” s’mores cereal.” Um, yes.

Food Crawl


World Showcase at Epcot is a never-ending world’s fair, where countries from around the world can exhibit and present the best of their respective nations. And just like you can walk around World Showcase, experiencing bits of culture and heritage from different lands, you can do the same at Epcot Food and Wine. You can literally “taste your way around the world,” discovering hidden delights at more than 30 unique marketplaces (with the corresponding wine to go along with those aforementioned delights). This is an experience that is undoubtedly eye-opening, in more ways than one, and a perfect way to celebrate World Showcase, Epcot and the Food and Wine Festival.

The Chocolate Experience: From Bean to the Bar – Hosted by Ghirardelli® Chocolate Company

A cup of gourmet drinking chocolate is a sweet treat at The Chocolate Experience: From The Bean to the Bar Hosted by Ghirardelli in the Festival Center at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival at Walt Disney World Resort. (Kent Phillips, photographer)

Chocolate is the finest substance known to mankind. It is also the world’s most famous flavor. And this interactive experience promises to raise your appreciation and love of chocolate even further. You can watch Walt Disney World pastry chefs create chocolate sculptures, explore the journey chocolate takes from the bean to the bar, sample chocolates, purchase gourmet drinking chocolate (probably better than your mom’s hot chocolate; just saying), select wine and chocolate pairings and shop for a bag of your favorite Ghirardelli chocolates. We could barely finish typing that last sentence without trying to consume our computer.

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Presented by Chase runs from September 25 to November 16. Visit DisneyRewards.com to explore Disney Visa® Card and the great benefits Cardmembers can experience at the festival this year.



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