It came to my attention, from our amazing Main Streeters, that it had been too long since I’ve done a “Don’t be That Guy” blog. As you know, I try to give the readers what they want, so here we go, another round of That Guy! This time, I asked for Main Streeter suggestions and experiences, since That Guy seems to be everywhere, and here’s what they had to say. (Remember, this is all in fun, no harm meant!)

Chronic Complainer Guy, from Glory Ferguson Hoeflich~ The guy that complains about evveryyythiiing! The price of tickets…the food…the bus wait…the rides wait…going into stores…the kids are being too hyper. Omg….shut up already & just enjoy the time with your family. Ok….rant done.

The Over-Actor Guy, from McKenzie Golden~ Don’t be that guy that acts a complete fool on a ride. Fake panic and all. My favorite ride is Tower of Terror and this group was talking the entire time and acting ridiculous. One guy started to fake freak out. It was so over the top and it completely took away from the experience. Not to mention it caused a child on the ride to completely freak out. Even once we started dropping I couldn’t enjoy myself because he had been so obnoxious. Please, don’t be that guy!

The Cell Phone Zombie Guy/Gal from Leslie Rich Thompson~ Don’t be that guy/girl/kid who never looks up from his/her phone. I almost get ran over every time I go by someone not looking up. One day I’m going to be that girl who doesn’t move and just let’s them crash into me.

Litter Bug Guy from Chrissy Diebold~ Don’t be that guy who leaves his trash on the sidewalk when there are plenty of garbage cans around. (I see this more and more these days, it’s sad)

Photo Bomb Guy from Sharon Butler Catalano~ Don’t be the guy who ruins family photos with a photo bomb when the kids only see grandpa every the years or so.

Parade Space Invader Guy from Jodi Blackburn~ Don’t be “that guy”, who after I have been waiting hours at a good spot for the parade, pushes their kid to the front of the rope at the last minute and cramping me and my families space!

The Sunscreen Guy from George Trovato~ Don’t be “That guy (or gal)” that sprays on sunscreen in the middle of a crowd of people. Please move off to the side, away from other people, before using spray-on sunscreen, as I really don’t like inhaling and/or eating the 90% of the sunscreen that ISN’T making it onto you.

Tablet Guy from Jacqueline Zakaras~ Don’t be that guy who makes everyone behind him watch wishes from his tablet screen! The worst!

Needs to be Censored Guy from Susanne Reynolds Kain~ Don’t be the young adult group that sings inappropriate songs while in line and makes me go into total mom mode and say something!

Rabid Rabbit Passion Couple from Mike Raney ~ …go 3 feet in the queue, stop, kisssssss…go 3 feet, stop, kiss kisssssss smooch smooch…repeat ad nauseum the whole queue and hold everyone up…if I am behind you in line then sit behind you on the ride, I WILL photo bomb you!

Snarky Looks Guy from Alyssa Danielle Buckner~ Don’t be that guy that give dirty looks to the parents of a crying baby/ toddler. We are at a theme park for children and if you don’t want to see any crying or tantrums, stay home! And I promise, the parents are much more embarrassed and trying to rectify the situation than you think so don’t be that guy!

Well, that’s it for this round of Don’t Be That Guy at Disney! Either you read this and say “Hey, I know That Guy” or laughed and said “Oh, I am totally That Guy!” Either way, it’s all in fun! Have you seen That Guy at Disney too? If so, be sure you write in and tell us about it, you could be in a future blog! Thanks for reading….. and until next time, Don’t be THAT GUY at Disney!

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