Keep ‘Cool’ and Show Your #DisneySide at the 24-Hour Summer Kick-Off Celebration at Disney Parks

From Aubrey Hang, Sports Marketing Community Manager, runDisney and posted on the Disney Parks Blog.

The 24-Hour Summer Kick-Off Celebration is the exciting start to the “Coolest Summer Ever” at Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort and launches the Diamond Celebration at Disneyland Resort. This event is a 24-hour party within the theme parks – from coast to coast!

There will be guests showing their #DisneySide in their favorite costumes and Disney-inspired outfits. I wanted to share a few ways to show your sporty #DisneySide at the 24-Hour Summer Kick-Off Celebration, as well as some tips from our friends at New Balance to keep comfortable if you plan on staying on your feet the majority of the day.

Here are some outfits I pieced together that will be comfortable, stylish and show your #DisneySide from theDisney Store, New Balance and Champion.





New Balance Tips for the 24-Hour Event

Possible Rain or Sweat?
Don’t worry! Stuff your kicks with some newspaper heel to toe, let them sit overnight to absorb moisture. Don’t put your shoes in the dryer; it’ll hurt the materials!

Wiggle Room
You’re used to a size 8 in those heels? Bump it up about a half size from your street shoe to your running shoes. It’s a good thing to have some wiggle room in the front of your shoes for your toes to splay. Minor foot swelling is also common when we spend long days walking or running on our feet, so make sure to have at least a thumbs nail length of toe room for those little piggies.

Lace with Attention
Be careful how you lace up your shoes. It’s great to lock in the heel, but don’t put too much pressure on that instep. Your feet will thank us come dinnertime.

Legs Up the Wall
Long day on your legs? Lie flat on the ground with your legs at a 90-degree angle up the wall or on the back of a couch. This very common yoga position is thought to increase blood flow to the heart. Give circulation a refresh in those stems and get back out there.

Type of Ride
Just like attractions can differ, so too do the rides of a shoe! Make sure you’re happy with the ride you select for the entire day – sandals may be too thin. If you have a few pairs of sneakers to choose from, try out the level of cushioning to ensure it’s plush enough or light enough to carry you through this adventure!

What are you planning on wearing to show your #DisneySide at the 24-Hour Summer Kick-Off Celebration?



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