Lana Parrilla’s Top 5 Evil Queen Costumes from Once Upon a Time

From the Oh My Disney blog:

Last week we got the chance to chat with Once Upon a Time‘s Regina, the lovely and talented, Lana Parrilla, and now we not-­so-­secretly wish we were best friends. Parrilla has played the Evil­ Queen-­turned­-unexpected­-hero for four seasons now. The best part of being evil (in our humble opinion) is the fabulous wardrobe, so we gave Parrilla an almost impossible task: choosing her top five favorite Evil Queen costumes.

“In the genie episode with Giancarlo Esposito (Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror) in the first season, Regina was wearing this blue velvet long gown that was open in the back. I thought that was so flattering and so stunningly beautiful.”



“One of my other favorite costumes was in the Hansel and Gretel episode when she meets them in the forest. I have this hat and this awesome dress. I have this big hair. I love that costume.”


“There was one for the month of December, but I wore it in July so I was dying sweating. It’s all black and it’s this plunging neckline that has mesh inlay. It’s this crinkled rubber and I felt like I was wrapped up in a fashionable garbage bag. It was amazing.”


“There’s another one that I loved in the same episode, where Regina tries to go after snow white…again. The sleeves were so intricate, so beautifully done. There’s this feather collar and jewels everywhere.”


“I have to say that one of my favorites Regina costumes is the pilot costume. Just because that’s when the character was born and that’s how we met her. There’s something very iconic about that, and even the look: my hair in that ponytail and the lace coming down my forehead. When you see that, you go ‘that’s Regina, the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time. ’ So I love it for that reason.”


Though the final looks are incredible, Parrilla notes that actually wearing these intricate creations is a bit of a challenge. “I can’t breathe in anything! I love wearing them. They’re not the most comfortable but they add so much to the character. When I’m in her clothes and in her shoes I do transform.”



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