Everything You Have to do at Disney California Adventure’s Frozen Fun

From the Oh My Disney blog:

We recently spent a frosty evening doing everything there is to do at Frozen Fun; it’s not easy but we do this for you. The results? Frozen Fun is pretty awesome and a lovely (though limited-time) edition to Disney California Adventure. Because we know your time is precious, we’re going to tell you exactly what to do when you visit Aerendelle (by way of Southern California). Let’s get started!

First, we met Anna and Elsa.


We talked about chocolate. It was great.

Next, we went to “For the First Time in Forever – A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration,” and it was just that.


It snowed inside, people. We are talking 100% magical moment here.

Olaf’s Snow Fest was literally Arendelle come to life.


It’s the town square! There’s real snow to play in! That’s the fountain Elsa freezes at the end of the movie! We were IN FROZEN.

And, of course, we built a snow man.


This was a sheer delight, let us tell you.

Did we mention there is sledding?


Because there is sledding.

Also this cookie kit exists.


Do you want to build a snowman cookie? rhetorical question, of course you do.

Olaf was a gentlemen. He offered us his arm!


Look at his feet. Too cute. Dead of cuteness. (Note – our shoes got wet in the all the snow, be forewarned.)

Here’s a glamour shot of the clock from Arendelle, because it is beautiful.


We may or may not have teared up at this point.

Back outside we got to see master ice-carvers create Olaf out of a block of ice!


We were in awe.

Check out the adorable winter-themed outfits the cast members who work at Frozen Fun get to wear.


We wanted to know where they got those sweaters!

Ah, and we bumped into Marshmallow.


Actually, less bumped into him and more saw him from afar and ran over to get a picture.

At this point the “Freeze the Night” dance party was in full swing, so we stopped taking pictures and started burning up the dance floor. We had so much fun at Frozen Fun, naturally. We can’t wait to go back and do it all again!

You can experience Frozen Fun at Disney California Adventure now through May 21, 2015. We suggest heading out now before all the fun thaws out. Get it? Cause it’s cold. We crack ourselves up.



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