Snow Day Crafting Fun ~ Disney Princess Snowflake Mobile!


A lot of our friends to the North are getting their fill of snow! So what do you do when it’s cold and snowy outside and you’re stuck indoors? How about a cute Disney craft? Here’s how you make this adorable Disney Princess Snowflake Mobile~

What You’ll Need

Download Disney Princess Snowflake Mobile, paste this url ~

Regular paper or cardstock


Wrinkle-free glue or double-sided tape

String or fishing line

Glitter (optional)

Hole punch

How To Make It

1 Print the snowflakes on regular paper or cardstock and cut them out. Print more pages if you want more snowflakes or a longer mobile.
2 Fold a page of snowflakes in half along the gray line so the design is on the outside. Open the page and spread wrinkle-free glue on the back of the page, covering the area where the snowflakes show through the paper. Fold the page again and press to smooth. Allow the page to dry, then cut out the snowflakes. Repeat this step with all printed pages.
3 Once all the snowflakes are cut out, you may choose to decorate them with glitter.
4 When the glue has dried, punch holes in the top and bottom of each snowflake. Attach the snowflakes together using small cut lengths of string or fishing line, about 8 inches long each (you should have extra to tie the ends to the snowflakes). Repeat this step until all the snowflakes are attached. Tie a longer piece of string or fishing line to the top snowflake and use it to hang your mobile.

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