I was away from home over the holidays, so that is the reason my review of the December LootCrate is late.  Yesterday, upon returning home, I was excited to see the black box in my mail box.  The box was a total surprise, while away I did google the contents so I could see what was sent and that got me even more excited to open mine.  So lets get to the review.


First, the theme for December’s LootCrate was “Anniversary”.  The Anniversaries that are being celebrated are:

  • Tetris – the brick building and flipping game turns 30
  • Ghostbusters – the film is 30 years old now, WOW
  • The Simpsons – celebrating 25 years, will the kids ever grow up?
  • Marvel – turns 75 year young and still growing each day
  • Batman – also celebrating his 75th birthday, still fighting crime



After sorting through all the exciting items, I found my way to the monthly magazine and I was excited to see a interview with Stan Lee in there.  I’m a huge fan of Stan’s so any chance I get to read about him I enjoy it.  They also had a interview withJosh Mirman.  Josh is a calligram.  Wondering what that is?  Well it’s when an image is created based on words and the design of the font.  The cover of the magazing shows this art.


As you can see, they also included a candy cane, for the holiday, the montly button and also a 30 day free trial of Crunchyroll.  For those not familiar, Crunchyroll is a leading global destination and platform for Japanese anime and Asian content.

Next in the magazine was the information about the December Mega Crate, which is pretty awesome.  It’s valued at $2,000.00+.  It includes:

  • Batarang Full Scale Replica
  • 75 Years of Marvel Comics
  • Xbox One
  • Playstation 4
  • The Simpsons House Lego Kit
  • POP! Movies Ghostbusters

That’s an awesome crate to the person who gets it.

Now onto my LootCrate:

Captain America Air Freshner – The refreshing whiff of Vanilla will be sure to stop any villain coming my way.  Plus I love Captain America, so I’m always looking for anything I can collect that represents my favorite Comic Book Hero


The next item is an Exclusive pair of Dancing Groot Crew Socks – Guardians of the Galaxy was the biggest movie of the year and Groot became a huge fan favorite.  Now he will be dancing on the ankles of the LootCrate proud.


I think just about everyone knows the game Tetris, and being it’s the 30th anniversary of the block building game, we have 147 Tetris Shaped stickers to have fun with.  I remember when I had my first Ninento Gameboy and I played Tetris for hours and hours, in black and white.  Talk about bringing back some memories.


In addition to Tetris celebrating 30 years, it’s also the anniversary of the Ghostbusters.  When I realized it’s been 30 years since the film debuted, it hit me i’m old.  I can remember watching the film like it was yesterday and listening to Ray Parker Jr. asking the question, “Who You Gonna Call?”.  The LootCrate this month included a Ghostbusters Door Hanger with none other than Slimmer inviting a Ugly Little Spud in.

IMG_822625 years ago, Homer, Bart and the gang debuted on Fox with their own half hour show, after 3 years of being on the Tracy Ullman show.  The animated show holds a few records such as:

  • Longest Running America Sitcom
  • Longest Running Animated American Sitcom
  • Longest Running American Scripted Primetime Television Series
  • Most Guest Stars Featured In A Televison Series
  • Etc…

This months LootCrate came with a Simpson’s Wallet.  Now this  is one of the wallets by DynoMighty.  The wallet feels like paper but is waterproof and won’t tear.  I have seen similar wallets in stores and always wondered how they would hold up.  It’s only been a few days, but so far it’s doing very well.


I’m a big POP! vinyl figure collector and when I saw this was going to be included in this month’s LootCrate I was pretty excited.  It’s a LootCrate Exclusive, POP! Heros Vinyl called The Joker Batman-Batman.  I love this figure, it’s designed to the shape of Batman but the colors and look of the Joker.  This one will be featured in my collection.


Even more from Batman, it’s been 75 years since the capped crusader first appeared and he is still a very popular comic and movie star.  DC Comics has included another Exclusive item in this month’s LootCrate.  It’s Batman Comic Book Issue 36 ENDGAME.  I love getting comics in this LootCrate because they are very limited and something many fans never know exist.


So there you have it, the December 2014 LootCrate review.  I have to admit, this one is by far my favorite one yet.  So many things that I honestly will put on my collectible shelf and it will just sit there and be admired.

These crates are honestly amazing.  They pack so much in the box for less than $20, it’s really a great value.  This also makes a great gift for the gamer or comic fan in your life.

To sign up go to http://www.lootcrate.com/TMSM and add the code TMSM at checkout for 10% off.  Make sure you subscribe now so you don’t miss out on the January crate which is titled REWIND. With the start of 2015 upon us they wanted the first crate of the new year to celebrate the geek and gaming icons of the past. Join us all as LootCrate will REWIND and give us an EXCLUSIVE items from Star Wars & Voltron! That’s not all, they are also bringing the subscribers some epic geek apparel, including an exclusive & licensed shirt, so you can kick off the new year in style! Finally get ready to decorate your desk with an awesome retro gaming-inspired mashup figure! Make sure to sign up today to make sure you don’t miss out.

Thank you LootCrate again for another amazing LootCrate!!!


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