Disney from a Teen’s Perspective: Meeting Hiro and Baymax

hero and baymax

So the day before I went to see Big Hero 6, we went to Hollywood Studios to meet Baymax and Hiro. I’ve seen all the commercials for Big Hero 6, and knew I was going to see the movie the next day so it only made sense to go meet these guys. Whenever the Disney channel is playing, my favorite trailer from the movie comes on. It’s when Baymax is petting the cat and goes “Hairy Baby, H-a-i-r-y B-a-b-y.”

Last year, when Frozen came out, we were behind on seeing the movie and meeting the characters. This time we decided to meet Hiro and Baymax before we saw the movie. The outside attendant had told us it was a 90 minute wait but we went inside to check them out hoping to at least get a peak. We asked the inside attendant and they told us it was only a half hour wait. (They were still working out the wait time kinks due to the fact it was only there 2nd day of the meet and greet.)

If you’ve seen the movie you will recognize the scenery. It’s the garage where Hiro liked to work on his robot creations. The attention detail was spot on.

big hero 6

When we got in line, they were on break. 5 minutes later, they came out and I got some great pictures of Baymax! Baymax walking is the cutest thing ever!


The line moved pretty fast. We only waited a half hour and it was definitely well worth the wait. I had my autograph book out for Hiro to sign but we were told that they don’t do autographs. Instead, the CM gave us an autograph card. Hiro talked to us and told us that Baymax couldn’t sit in the middle of the movie theatre since he’s too big and will block everyone’s view. We took our pictures and of course wanted to hug Baymax. He was like bounce house material. You could probably bounce right off of him!

If you are in Hollywood Studios, I seriously recommend going to check them out! It’s great for all ages! After meeting them, it made me extra excited to see the movie! We ended up seeing the movie the next day and absolutely loved it! I highly recommend it to everyone.

If you are looking for Hiro and Baymax the next time you are visiting Hollywood Studios, you can find them inside the Magic of Animation attraction.

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