It’s Time for Another Round of Don’t be “That Guy” at Disney!


It’s been a couple of weeks, Main Streeters have asked….. and being that we aim to please, it’s time for another edition of “Don’t Be THAT Guy at Disney!” If you’re a first time reader of our “That Guy” series, you might not know what we’re talking about. Quick explanation….. “that guy” at Disney is anyone who causes inconvenience or a ruckus on Disney property, when there’s no need to. It’s all done for fun, no Disney shaming or harm is meant. When you read these instances, you’ll either say to yourself “hey, I know that guy” or “oh my, I am totally that guy!” Either way, it’s just for fun! We used some Main Streeter suggestions as usual, so here we go….. Do you know That Guy?

1. The “Scooters Count as a Ride” Guy ~ Main Streeters overwhelmingly suggested this guy, as he’s a big offender around Disney Property. This guy rents a scooter not because he needs one, but because he wants one, or to just use it in hopes of extra benefits. I’ve seen it a lot lately, and we have had multiple readers send us their comments too. Here’s what Main Streeter Melody said ~ “I was waiting for a bus and there was a couple with scooters. People had to leave their seats for the scooters and there’s the time involved. During the bus ride, it was discovered that it was only the woman who needed the scooter, the man got one for the fun of it. This isn’t an attraction, folks, particularly when you are deliberately causing inconvenience for so many others.” Also, using scooters and wheelchairs when you DON’T need them is borderline insulting to those who really DO and wish they could get around the parks easier. Feel blessed that you can walk with no trouble, and don’t be “that guy.” Scooters aren’t for funzies!

2. The “Say Anything IPod” Guy ~ If you love a good 80’s movie like I do, then you’ll probably know what I mean here. Have you seen that guy, who holds up his tablet or IPad to record fireworks, high enough to where NO ONE behind him can actually see for themselves? This guy always reminds me of John Cusak from the movie “Say Anything” when he’s holding up his boombox over his head to win back the heart of his true love. While that was a nice sentiment, blocking everyones view with your IPad is not. Maybe the next time you see that guy at the fireworks, you should get a group to start singing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, just like the movie. Maybe he’ll get the hint, maybe not. No one wants to watch the show through your device, so please, lower it and don’t be that guy!


3. The “Food Court Bully” Guy ~ This guy is just plain mean. I thought I was the only one who noticed, until I asked our readers, and sadly, he’s all around. This guy finds it necessary to yell at Cast Members who work the food court stations at the resorts. Here’s what Main Streeter Stephanie sent us; “We were in line at the food court at AS Sports this past week, and there was a guy in line directly behind us who kept talking down to the CM’s behind the counter. He had three different orders, and they kept getting them mixed up. He would scream at them and then say horrible things to us about them and then laugh about it. We couldn’t believe how rude he was! Please remember, people, that it is SO loud in those food courts…give the CM a break!” I’m with ya Stephanie, no need to yell at anyone who is just trying to help you! Besides, didn’t people EVER hear that you should NOT mess with people who are preparing your food? Not saying a Disney employee would roll your hot dog on the ground before putting it in the bun, but if it were another place, who knows. Just saying!

4. The “Unlimited FastPass” Guy ~ Again, another guy who multiple people have suggested that I write about. This guy blocks the FP line for one of two reasons. Reason 1. He’s too early for his FP time and he plans to stand there and barricade the way until his time has come. He’s a human wall, and isn’t moving. Reason 2. He doesn’t actually HAVE a FP for that attraction, and plans to argue with the poor Cast Members hoping to get to enter the line anyhow. Don’t be that guy and give the CM’s a hard time. They don’t deserve that kind of harassment. If it’s not time for your FP, then let others go ahead of you, it’s not a huge deal. If you don’t have a FP, don’t try to scam and say you do, they CM’s know better. A little courtesy goes a LONG way!

5. The “Make Your Own Baby Changing Station” Guy ~ As gross as this one is, I’ve seen it. Our Main Streeters have seen it. This guy feels that it’s ok to change a baby’s diaper ANY place in public at Disney. Not only is that inappropriate, it’s also a pinch unsanitary, don’t you think?. Here’s what Main Streeter Gaby said; “Once I was waiting for The Festival of the Lion King to start, and the lady sitting in front of me changed her baby’s dirty diaper right there in the theater. Please… don’t be the lady who does this. Use a Baby Center or the restroom.” Oh Agreed there! This one was worse…… I warn you. Main Streeter Kimberly said this; “We were outside of the Crystal Palace. A lady changed a diaper, didn’t wash her hands, then we saw her at the buffet!! My dining experience was a little grossed out.” Oh for the love of all things Disney, please use the restroom and don’t be THAT guy!!


6. The “Rocky Balboa of Disney” Guy ~ I’m sad to say it, but this week, I did see this guy. Actually two of them. If you didn’t catch Thursday’s article, then I’ll give you the short version. Two guys tried to make like Rocky Balboa “Yo Adrian” and actually got in a fist fight in front of Cinderella Castle. Now, what would make two grown men come to blows like a boxing match in our Happy Place? Oh, you know….. pushing, shoving, using your stroller as a “steam stroller” while waiting for the Castle show to start. Instead of asking people to back off or stop, they decided to just duke it out. In front of everyone. Even children. This is NEVER a good idea. Sure, we all get frustrated, we all get stepped on and pushed. I did last week too, but I didn’t punch someone in the face for it! I may have wanted to…. but it’s better to just growl to yourself and rise above it. No boxing at Disney!

Well, that’s it for this round of “Don’t be That Guy” at Disney. I have a LOT more entries that folks sent in, and I thank you for your submissions. We will use more Main Streeter entries in our next That Guy article in a few weeks. As I always say when it comes to this series, the bottom line is that manners should still apply, even when you’re on vacation. Disney is a happy place, but it doesn’t give anyone a free ticket to become uncivilized. Maybe some don’t know that they’re even being rude towards others, maybe some do and don’t care. Just be nice everyone, use some manners and show KINDNESS instead of rudeness! It’s not hard! I hope you enjoyed the latest blog! These are done for fun and are in no way meant to be ready with judge-y-pants on, I promise! If you missed previous articles, just put “that guy” in our search at the top of the page and enjoy! Until next time, smile, be happy, and don’t be “that guy!” ~Michele

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