We did it! We were the last….. By Jamey Cicalese‎

October 6, 2014


As you know, the classic attraction “Maelstrom” closed for good last night at the Norway pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase. Main Streeter Jamey Cicalese was on that last ride, and told us his account of what happened! Enjoy! ~M

I was not the last boat, but I was the last non Cast Member to walk out of the building.

In a way, I am glad that I did not get to be in the last boat, because it was magical to be at the exit (in the area between where the boat gets off and the movie. Every boat that arrived, we all cheered, and clapped, then all the CM’s rode the ride one last time and we cheered them on as well. Then they shoveled us into the theater where we watched Spirit of Norway, then the girl came over the PA and asked if we would like to watch it one more time! With everybody in the theater, we all watched it again, then I ran up to the front for this selfie (above). Immediately, followed by the CMs walking through to a standing loud cheering crowd, we all got our last few pics taken, and security just let us have our moment finally closing the doors on this ride forever around 10:20ish.

The CMs were overwhelmed and some were emotional, along with us, I lost my voice from cheering so loud, this is what Disney is all about.. and amazing close to one of my favorite things at Disney.

We did it, we closed out Maelstrom, “We were the last.”

Thank you everybody for making this night epic and a memory for all involved.. The Cues, the Sit ins, and this group of last riders of this amazing ride…

When we all gave the Norway cast members a standing ovation after the movie ended, they even had tears coming down their faces… When I say Maelstrom, you say Rocks!

Thank you Jamey for sharing with us! We will miss Maelstrom too!

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