Thursdays Random Acts of Kindness ~ Help when you least expect it!

September 18, 2014


Thursdays Random Acts of Kindness ~ Be sure to drink your water!

This weeks Act of Kindness with a Disney spin involves yours truly! As most of you know, I work a lot for TMSM, at all times of day. I don’t have a regular 9 to 5 job, and I tend to push myself a bit harder, even when I’m feeling tired. The other day, it was really hot outside, but I wanted to run over to the Magic Kingdom to get some pictures of the Christmas lights being put on Cinderella Castle, and see if there was any new merchandise I could report about. I also wanted to check out Tom Sawyer Island and get some pics of that as well. Short trip, but I had an itinerary. Did I mention it was really HOT outside on Monday?

I got some pics of the Christmas lights, then headed over to Frontierland. I was feeling a bit warm, so I stopped in to Pecos Bills for an ice water. I was sure to drink all of it so I didn’t get dehydrated, then headed over to the island. By the time I got there, I felt light headed and had to sit down for a break. We decided to head off the island and go back towards Main Street just to be safe. We were standing on Main Street, and I started to feel woozy and sick again, and felt it was best to just forego the “work” trip and head home. I was so warm, I felt horrible and just wanted to get out of there. Talk about a struggle. I wasn’t doing well, and when we finally got to the monorail I was in bad shape. I didn’t want to cause any attention to myself though, so I just sat back and tried to catch my breath. What happened next was a life saver!

While sitting and trying to calm down, the person next to me on the bench asked if I was ok. I didn’t want to cause a scene, I just smiled and said yes and that I’d be ok. Well, he wasn’t buying it. The man started to rummage through his backpack, trying to find something to help me. While that was happening, the lady across from us took notice and dug a frozen water bottle out of her bag and insisted I take it. I was so grateful, but a bit embarrassed at fist. Within another minute, the man next to me also found a frozen bottle of water, and gave it to me. He actually worked for a fire department, and told me ways to cool myself down and help me stay coherent and calm. What are the chances of two separate people both with ice and water in their bags? It was a little bit of magic that I desperately needed. I sat there, did what he suggested with one bottle under my arm, and I drank the bottle of water the lady gave me. Because of those two strangers and their act of kindness, I was able to get to the car and get home safely. I’m so grateful to them for that. (On a side note, drink LOTS of water on those hot days at the parks, it’s dangerous out there!)

Even though I didn’t want the attention or for anyone to ask what was wrong, I’m really glad they did. I put myself in their shoes and I would have done the same thing. If I’m able to help, I do. People don’t always have to ask for help, sometimes it’s up to us to be aware of our surroundings, and do the right thing whenever possible. I’m so glad these two people, who didn’t even know each other OR me for that matter, decided to help me out and make sure I was ok. Acts of kindness like that are ones we don’t always hear about or talk about, but they are so worthy of a mention when we can. To the nice people who helped me in the monorail the other day, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, your kindness was noted and appreciated. If you have a Random Act of Kindness story or idea, I’d love to hear it. Email me at [email protected] and tell me your experiences! Thank you! ~M

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