Guest Blog! “How Disney Changed Me” By Vanessa Johnson

September 8, 2014


How Disney Changed Me by Vanessa Johnson

I was 20 years old when I stepped foot onto Main Street and saw Cinderella Castle for the very first time. The sight gave me chills and I still get that feeling each time. My fiancé and I have never felt so close as we did during our time there. One thing that I did not know was how much that first trip was going to change not only me, but him as well. I did not know that it would change our life plans, our careers paths, and our future together, but I guess that’s what Disney can do to people.

The magic that I felt in Disney was overwhelming. I have never experienced something so powerful. I knew then and there that I wanted to be able to feel that magic forever. At first, that meant taking more vacations to Disney, which we did. We planned two more vacations after our first and enjoyed each more than the other. We soon realized that we wanted more than just vacations. What we truly wanted was to move to the magic, to be immersed in it, to be a part of it. We decided that once we both finished college we would take a chance and we would move to Orlando.

I dreamed of working in Washington DC for many years. You see, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with dreams of working for a member of the House or Congress. However, once I felt that magic and once we made that decision to move, that all changed. I started to look for other career paths, jobs that I could easily transfer with, which lead me to my current job with a major brand of hotels. Who would have thought that a degree in Political Science would land me in Hospitality? I most certainly did not!

My fiancé is an Electronic Media major. His original plan was to work for some local television station. Sure, it wasn’t ideal, but it would pay the bills, but once we found Disney it all changed for him, too. He knew that Disney would give him the opportunity to work for a major entertainment company doing something he loved. Sure, he would need to get his foot in the door, work hard, and climb his way up the ladder, but that’s something he was willing and wanting to do. So now he’s in the process of getting into the Disney College Program, his “foot in the door” if you will.

In just 112 days we will be packing up and moving to Orlando, just the two of us. In just a little over 2 years the magic of Disney has completely changed the paths of two people’s lives and I must say that we are both unbelievably excited. Who knew that something as simple as taking that first step onto Main Street would make such an impact on my life and his?

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