Craft Idea ~ Pixie Dust Ornament by Janel Adani

August 28, 2014


I know a lot of Disney fans sometimes ask for Pixie Dust when they are having troubles in their life, aren’t feeling well, or any other time when thoughts and prayers are needed. It always seems that Pixie Dust makes you feel better. Well, why wouldn’t it? It’s glitter; and in my world, glitter makes everything better! So when I stumbled upon this great craft on, I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you. I think this craft would be great on the Christmas tree or just hung as a decoration throughout the year. For me it would hang as a gentle reminder of the magic of Disney.

I love using these clear fillable ornaments because you can make so many Disney inspired ornaments with them. For this Pixie Dust ornament, I think it’s especially fun because you can use any color glitter you want. You can make several of them with all different colors and they are super simple to make. These could be a great gift for the holidays or any other special occasion. So head on over to the craft store, pick up these supplies, and let’s get started!

Supply List

Clear glass bulb
Glitter (color of your choice)  
Letter stickers, permanent marker or vinyl letters cut with a vinyl machine

Label your ornament with your stickers or marker.



Use a funnel to pour some glitter down into the ornament.  Secure the top metal piece back on with some hot glue so it doesn’t accidentally pop off, spilling glitter everywhere.  Tie a ribbon loop and hang it on the tree or any other special spot throughout the year! Do this with your kids and make a magical memory for you all to enjoy for years to come.

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