Oh Deer! Wildlife on the Trails at Fort Wilderness!

August 5, 2014


Sometimes the most unexpected things can be the most fun. Disney is no exception to this of course. The other day, my family and I met up with our good friend Andy, and we decided to go walking on the bike paths at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort area. There is so much over there that I hadn’t seen before, and we went exploring, or as the boys said, we went on an “adventure.” The “adventure” started because my younger son Aidan wanted to go see if we could find the entrance of the now closed River Country. We took a wrong turn, never found River Country, but we had the BEST time anyway!

As we started to walk the trails, we saw a couple of wild deer over in the brush. It was like being at Animal Kingdom, minus the safari truck and gates. The kids were fascinated. My older son Andrew actually got up a little closer to one of them, and the deer wasn’t even scared. Very cool. As we walked further down the trail, we saw more deer across the way, just grazing and walking around. Down a CM only driveway, we saw a few more deer, but these deer were really big! We couldn’t get close to them though, but it was still fun to see. The scenery back on these bike trails is amazing. It’s looks like a movie set back there with the odd shaped trees and vines hanging everywhere. If you want to take a break from the Disney hustle and bustle, but still see some “magic,” I highly recommend taking a walk at the grounds over by Fort Wilderness. Even though we weren’t in a Park, it was one of the best times I’ve had so far since we moved here! Thanks to my friend Andy for being such a great tour guide!


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