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If you’re anything like me, “Frozen” mania has struck your household and you have the movie soundtrack stuck in your head pretty much all day, every day. As part of our #DisneyKids series, we asked our panel of preschoolers about their favorite movie and not surprisingly, “Frozen” was the unanimous winner among both the girls and boys. Even when the topic moved on to other things, our group simply could not “Let It Go.” Luckily, little ones’ dreams can come true when they visit Arendelle during Frozen Summer Fun at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or meet Elsa and Anna over at Magic Kingdom Park.

Which Disney film is your child’s favorite? Tell us in the “Comments” section below!

One thought on “What’s Your Kiddo’s Favorite Disney Film?”
  1. My kids favorite Disney movie, changed all the time. I’d say the core group would have to include: Jungle Book, Tarzan, Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, and The Rescuers. We have most of them on VHS, DVD, and now we’re tripling up on Blu-rays =D

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