Custom Made TMSM Themed Necklaces and More from KK & Whimsy

July 18, 2014

Recently, I was sent a beautiful custom made TMSM necklace courtesy of KK & Whimsy. KK & Whimsy makes hand made, personalized and pressed necklaces in a variety of themes. She also sent me a Cinderella themed necklace, featuring Cinderella’s Slipper. The pieces that are made by KK & Whimsy are beautiful and well done. I was so happy with the results, and couldn’t wait to share with all our readers.


KK & Whimsy made a special tab on their store just for our Main Streeters to order their own TMSM necklace ~


As I previously stated, KK & Whimsy also have a huge variety of themes to choose from including Frozen, Pirates, The Little Mermaid, and special personalized orders.



You can message KK & Whimsy on their store link and ask about personalization as well. Click the link to shop!

We’d like to thank KK & Whimsy for the beautiful necklaces and for making a special order just for TMSM. They do a beautiful job, so head on over and take a look! Thanks again!

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