Island Mercantile at Animal Kingdom ~ Trading Vinylmation & More!

July 15, 2014


Recently, we spent a hot and humid afternoon at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you visit Disney World in the Summertime, then you know that the afternoon heat can be brutal, and taking a break is necessary. One of my favorite cool off spots at Animal Kingdom is the Island Mercantile store. Not only is it cool inside, they also have a wide variety of animal printed souvenirs and fun items to browse through. For my family, the Island Mercantile is also a place to trade Vinylmation as well!


When you go up to the main check out area in the middle of the store, you’ll find an open display case with three Vinylmation in it. This option allows traders to see what’s available, and decide if there’s one in there that they’d like to trade for. Honestly, my family usually doesn’t go this route, for some reason it’s not as fun to them. The option they choose, is to pick two numbers in the blind case (see below). The Cast Member, in our case, Susan, pulls out a case with numbers on it. She will allow you to choose two numbers and will show you which Vinyls are behind the two that you pick. It’s kind of like the game show Lets Make A Deal. Since you don’t know what’s behind the doors, it makes it a little more fun. If you don’t like the Vinyls that are drawn, you don’t “have” to trade them if you don’t want to. You can keep the one you have!


So there you have it! Island Mercantile is a great store AND a place to trade your Vinylmation as well! If you still have questions on how Vinylmation trading works, feel free to ask at the register. The Cast Members there are super helpful and I’m sure will be happy to tell you more. Happy trading!

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