A Cast Member Magic Story in honor of Independence Day

July 4, 2014

Here at TMSM we love honoring the Cast Members that make trips to Disney Parks magical. But we also love when they tell US about their magic moments.  Thursdays are about to become “CM Stories of Magic” day here at TMSM, but when Main Streeter Ron Rohrenbacher shared this very touching story in the Nation today we realized it would be more appropriate to share today. To everyone who has served this country in ANY way to make it better, THANK YOU for your service, and to CMs like Ron, thank you for making the magic so magical!


By Ron Rohrenbacher
Another Happiest Memory for a CM. Probably my favorite. I was going to do this for Memorial Day but things got busy so I thought the Fourth of July would be a good time.

Before I became an electronic and special effects tech on the attractions I was briefly in day custodial to get my foot in the door.

The Memorial Day I was in custodial I was assigned to Tom Sawyer Island. At one point I was walking up the trail where I had a view of the Mark Twain leaving dock. As I looked over there was a sailor in his dress whites standing on the first deck bow looking out. It sort of stopped me in my tracks. Just something about seeing that sailor in dress on the bow of the Mark Twain. Being a photographer I thought why can’t the CM’s have a camera.

Maybe 30 or 40 minutes later I encountered that sailor coming down a path on the island. I went right over and thanked him for his service and for visiting the park. As we talked I mentioned I had seen him on the Mark Twain and it sort of stopped me. He told me he had been in the Navy less than a year and was stationed in San Diego. He shared with me his dream was to become the captain of a ship.

I asked if he would do me a special favor and return the Mark Twain dock when he was done at the island. Once he left I got on my radio until I networked my way to the CM’s at the Mark Twain. I told them there will be a sailor in his dress whites showing up and would they please take him up to the wheel house.

A bit later I looked over and there he was at the helm of the Mark Twain blowing the whistle and ringing the bell with the biggest ear to ear grin I have ever seen.

Some time had passed and here came that sailor running down a trail yelling ‘I’ve been looking all over this island for you!’ while waving his honorary Mark Twain captain certificate. He came over and threw a bear hug on me and picked me up off my feet. Must have taken ten minutes till I could breathe normal again! What a great kid and great memory he left me!

This is my first time having the day off on the 4th since working at Disneyland. Even though I know it’s going to be crowded I may go for fireworks as a guest for a change.

Happy Fourth of July everyone! And Happy Birthday America.

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