Random Acts of Kindness: Addie and Belle Written by Addie Clark

June 26, 2014


Written by Main Streeter Addie Clark.

One of the reasons I believe I love Disney so much is the Random Act of Kindness I was shown at a young age by a CM. The year is 1992 and I was 3 years old. I’d seen Beauty and the Beast in theaters (it’s the first movie I can remember seeing), and I was on my second trip to Disney World. Apparently I had one desire above all others: to meet the beauty, but funny girl who had become my role model, who I identified with so strongly, and still do to this day. The story goes like this (being 3 at the time, I don’t exactly remember the details, but the story has been told to me several times):

We were in the parks and having fun, but had yet to meet my favorite princess. This was in the days before scheduled appearances and locations, when you would just run into a character on the streets. But then we saw her… and we quickly went over to where she was but were told that the line was closed and that Belle was going to have to leave soon. Apparently, I started to cry. That was when the CM worked their magic and changed my life forever with a random act of kindness. They pulled my dad aside and told him where and when Belle would be appearing next and then escorted Belle away.

My parents made their way to this new location and we proceeded to wait. Before we knew it, Belle was appearing through a gate. But she wasn’t appearing silently. She was calling for a little girl by name. And that little girl was me. She knew my name. She knew I was here waiting for her. She knew I needed to meet her.

I still tear up when I’m thinking about it. The magic that CM worked that day – they didn’t have to give my dad a way to soothe his crying daughter. They could have just walked away, but they didn’t. They told him where to go with me. And then they had Belle come out and ask for me first. And the Disney magic has been in my bones ever since. And every trip, I have to find a way to meet my girl.

About Addie Clark: Addie is a graduate student in central TX working on her PhD in analytical chemistry. Her Plan B is to go work at Disney World. Either way, she’s always counting days to her next trip.

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