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June 25, 2014

It’s time for another update on our move to the sunny state of Florida. I’ve been talking about our cross country move for weeks, but now that we’re here, it’s time to switch things up. So, now on Wednesday’s instead of the moving blog, I’ll do a recap for the week of what’s been going on here as we’re adjusting to life in Florida. I really appreciate all of you taking this journey with us!


As I previously reported, we were able to get our Annual Passes for Disney this week. We have been busy and haven’t done too much “fun” stuff, so last night we decided to take a break and head over to the Magic Kingdom. It was a late night, the park was open till 1:00 am so we had plenty of time. We arrived around 7:00, and had some late fast passes scheduled. We stopped to see my CM friend first, the boys wanted to say hello and visit for a bit. We couldn’t stay too long though because we had a FP for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and we had to get there pretty fast! I really missed being at the MK, it was so nice to be there and see the sights.


Considering we got to the park late, we had to hurry if we wanted to make the most of our time. After BTM, we headed over to the New Fantasyland. I have to say, it’s really pretty back there. It’s been open for over a year and the kids were excited to finally see it in person. We were able to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and I have to say, we all loved it. The ride is really smooth and fun, everyone gave it a thumbs up! Next stop was Cosmic Rays for a quick bite to eat, then over to Space Mountain for our next FP time!


I was in a hurry after Space Mountain, because I wanted to get over to the Castle to see Wishes. We made it in time. The boys and I found a spot right in the middle of the front area and watched the show. It’s so strange, but things felt different. Sure, I cried during Wishes, but that’s nothing new. Things felt different this time because I always wished to be able to live near WDW, and that wish finally has come true. There was just a whole new meaning for the experience now. Happy tears….. very happy tears. Once Wishes was done, we hit Splash Mountain (on which I got soaked more than anyone else in my family of course), the Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Not bad for an evening visit! The best part though, was that when we were leaving, I didn’t need to feel sad like usual. In the past, leaving the MK at night was always rough because I didn’t know when I’d be able to come back. Now, I know that I can visit more often, no need to feel bad anymore. I’m so grateful and happy to be here. I’m looking forward to sharing more stories with you all, and of course meeting more Main Streeters soon! Thanks for reading, more to come!


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