Moving to Main Street, Blog 4 ~ Less than a WEEK to go!

June 11, 2014


Wow, can you believe it? We are less than a week away from the big move to Florida! I kept telling myself that I have time and not to worry, but now it’s crunch time and I have lots to do! We had a garage sale last weekend, finally. It went well. We didn’t sell a ton of stuff, but when it was over with, we boxed up ALL of what was left and donated it to the Salvation Army. They must have gotten around 20 boxes of good quality items from us, it was something I wanted to do. I thought it would be hard to get rid of some of my favorite decorations or household items, but it wasn’t. I actually GAVE things away to people who came to the sale. One lady was telling me about her Mom being in the final stages of lung cancer, and her daughter needed a dress for the services. I ended up giving that woman a nice black dress of mine that still had the tags on it, and told her to come back if she needed more. I can’t even tell you want an amazing feeling that was. Another person was looking for craft supplies for the kids at her daycare, and I hooked her up too. I had a lot of crafting items that I never used, so I got a big gift bag and filled it up for her. I was trying to do things like that all weekend, because it did my heart good to do nice things for others, made me really happy! Paying if forward is the way to go, you never know who really needs it! So, now that that’s over with, on to the hard stuff……

The house is almost packed. Almost. There is still a lot to do, but it’s getting there. I have been really numb to the whole process, partly as a defense mechanism I think. I’m scared. I don’t want to leave my family and friends behind, so I’m trying not to think about it. Now, I’m sure when it gets closer to Monday I’ll be a crying mess, no doubt about that. My parents are having a bbq on Sunday for people to come and see us off, & say our “see ya real soon’s” to each other. That is going to be HARD. I get teary just thinking about it. The one good thing though, is even though this is hard on all of us, my family and friends have been extremely supportive. No one tried to make us feel bad for moving, actually they understood why it’s the best thing for us to go, and they are happy that we’re going after our dreams. It’s not easy to do that. I’m not a go-getter usually, I’m not really “brave” per say, but for some reason I’m doing this anyway. I’m praying all goes well the next couple of days. Feel free to send those prayers and pixie dust our way, we’re going to need them!

Early on Monday morning, a new adventure will begin for my family and I. It’s also an exciting addition to TMSM as a whole, because now I get to meet our followers and be more interactive with all of you. I can’t wait for that part, I owe a lot of you a big hug for supporting my efforts these past 4 years. TMSM really is a big Disney Family, it’s grown into something beyond what I ever could have dreamed of. Thank you for that. I promise to do my best to make you all proud, and keep things going for our Disney Family for as long as you want me to. The best is yet to come. We are “moving forward” as Uncle Walt would say, and although I’m nervous, I know that TMSM has the best support system ever. Thanks so much. This time next week, I’ll be writing you from Florida, I can’t believe it. So, stay tuned, and wish us luck on our cross-country journey to the land of Mickey Mouse and Palm Trees! Thank you all again for following along and supporting our dreams, you’re the best! ~M

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4 thoughts on “Moving to Main Street, Blog 4 ~ Less than a WEEK to go!”
  1. What a great thing for you to do and find great places and people for your stuff to go home with! Safe travels too! Never easy to say “See ya real soon” to all the relatives! I had to do it almost 22 years ago and I still get teary eyed when I have to leave them! Take care and can’t wait to hear the next part of your exciting “New World”!

  2. Wishing you safe travels and sending angels and pixie dust to guard you on your adventure. The next week will undoubtedly bring ups and downs, fears and tears and joys as well. You will come through it and everything will work out. You know the TMSM family will be here for you! {{{HUGS}}}

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