Guest Bloggers Wanted! Here’s Your Chance to be a TMSM Star!!

June 2, 2014


You could be a Star! A TMSM blogger star that is!

TMSM is looking for blog articles for the week of June 15-21. Yup for those paying attention that is moving week! So, your articles will be helping the Atwood clan and the mods during the craziest week of 2014 on TMSM’s schedule.

You can write about anything Disney related, food reviews, how to make a Disney related certain craft, attraction history, attraction reviews, info on Disney parks outside the US if you have been to them, you name it as long as it is Disney related it is welcome. Here are the rules:

1- No advertising in your article for you/someone’s business or product. NO shout outs.
2- Articles should be roughly 3-5 paragraphs long. Keep it clear, keep it concise.
3- Topics must be Disney related.
4- Topics can not be inflammatory.
5- Writer must run article though spelling/grammar check before submitting, and submit a 3 sentence who you are with it so you get credit.
6-All pictures will be family friendly and attached to article in JPEG format.
7- Don’t ask us what to write, we want you to write it. Us having to approve what you write before hand just creates more work for us. Remember we have some daily topic too if that helps.
Monday= Disney Side; Thurs= Random Acts of Kindness; Fri=Jar of Dirt Friday

All articles should be submitted by email (with any photos attached) to [email protected] by 6/12/14 at 8pm to ensure we have time to schedule before the final rush to pack hits the our house! Thanks for the submissions! That week, TMSM will be lifted up by YOU, our super awesome Main Streeters!! Go ahead, lets see what you’ve got! Good luck!

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