Random Acts of Kindness Thursday ~ Update on Tony’s Story

April 17, 2014


**Original story sent in by CM Michael Signorello, here’s the link to that to refresh your memory on Tony~ https://www.themainstreetmouse.com/2013/12/12/thursdays-random-acts-of-kindness-tonys-story/


As all of you read awhile ago, a dear friend of TMSM, CM Michael Signorello, shared a heartfelt story of little Tony Forte, soon to be 9 yrs old, who has been waiting patiently for something unlike most families have been waiting for, and that’s a new chance at LIFE. Tony has been waiting for a multi-visceral transplant of the stomach, small & large intestine and liver. He has been on the wait list for 4 yrs. Why has he been waiting so long? Because not many children his age are listed as organ donors, instead it will take the unconditional selfless act of parents to grant Tony a new life through their own loss. Tony was born with Total Colonic Hirschsprung’s Disease (a website created by his older brother’s share what the disease is and what it has done to Tony at www.aftft.com) Currently, Tony has been having on-going issues with his remaining digestive system that is causing him problems. He will be under-going surgery on Wednesday, 4/23/14 to have exploratory lap surgery too see what can be done to the remaining 2ft of small intestine he has left to aid him while he continues to wait on the list for transplant. (Tony had to have his entire colon and 1/3 of his small intestine removed due to the diseased bowel). His brothers, Vincent 13 and Dominic 11, have been fundraising on behalf of Tony, and a Special Needs Trust has been set up through PNC Bank to receive donations. The boys have a new fundraiser TEN for Tony. Anyone wishing to contribute $10 to the fund can make donations via their website at www.aftft.com via PAYPAL. Those compelled by Tony’s story to contribute more can do so and the boys have a motto “No donation is never too small”…..This Special Needs Trust will aid Tony through his recuperation process and any transplant related expense that’s not covered by State Medicaid and Insurance.

Tony and the family have a strong bond with Walt Disney World. Since Tony’s Make-A Wish Trip the family visits WDW when Tony and the Doctors feel that he is able. Visiting WDW gives the family a renewed sense of hope and strength for Tony and their family, as it was there Tony’s parents received the call during “Wishes” that he was placed on the wait list for transplant back in 2009. Tony has a connection with “Pinocchio” that has nothing to do the fact that Pinocchio fibs, instead just as “Pinocchio” wishes he could be a “real-boy” so does Tony. Without Tony’s IV “strings” Tony would have to remain in the hospital tethered to an IV pump in a hospital. Instead of carrying school books in a backpack, he carries an IV Pump and fluid known as TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition). When Tony at age 3 viewed the movie “Pinocchio” while in the hospital, he pointed to “Pinocchio” and said he wanted to be free of his strings and be a “real-boy”. We are hopeful that soon Tony will get his new LIFE to become a “real-boy”, however the family is also mindful that a family will have to mourn the loss of their child so that their wish and Tony’s wish can come true. It’s such a hard situation for all. Please keep Tony and his family in your prayers and if you feel compelled after reading his story and visiting his website, a $10 donation for Tony’s current fundraiser “TEN for TONY” will greatly be appreciated!

ANTONIO FORTE TRANSPLANT FUND TRUST – Why your help is so important!

Above info courtesy of Tony’s Mother, Monica!

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