Festival of Fantasy Parade, Magic Kingdom Park, Recap!

March 9, 2014


If you have been following TMSM today, then you know that we’ve been covering the debut of the all new Festival of Fantasy Parade that debuted at the Magic Kingdom. I was fortunate enough to have two of my staff contributors center stage in the media viewing section, Dianna and Andy (WDW Shutterbug). In addition to photos and video, they also gave me some extra details of the Parade that you’d have to be there to see.

The feel on the parade route once Festival of Fantasy was over was that it was a BIG deal. The buzz was that the parade did not disappoint, and left viewers amazed and elated. Just as we thought. Here’s what Dianna had to say of her firsthand experience:

Festival of Fantasy moves quicker than previous parades, but it was awesome.

The back of the Beauty and the Beast float rotates on a platform between Tiana and Frozen.

Peter Pans pirate ship shoots the foam from the Christmas party. It looks like smoke.

The Maleficent Float went from about 10 ft off the ground to about 40 feet. The float is much taller than the Main Street buildings. People were confused on social media, looking for Maleficent, but the Dragon IS Maleficent! Just like the storybook!

The tail on Maleficent (Dragon) is really…. really long. There is a person who has to guide it.

Great costumes, really nice and elegant. Less street people.

Every float has a crazy amount of detail. You almost need to watch it twice once from the front and once from the back to see all the detail!

We will continue to bring you more facts and photos from our sources. Also, Andy will be sending me a video of the parade as well, so stay tuned for that. Thank you again to my TMSM reporters for doing such a magical job today, it’s very much appreciated! ~Michele





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