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Ever been to any of the Walt Disney World parks and overheard Castmembers talking about a 101 or 102? What about a protein spill over at It’s a Small World? The world of Disney has pretty much come up with a lot of its own language sort of like the police or fire department does. So this week I’m gonna give some of the terminology that is used that you may overhear and tell you in a nutshell what it means.


CM- Everyone who’s been to WDW probably already knows that this means Castmember, which is what the employees are referred to.


The Village People- This is what castmembers of the Polynesian are referred as.


The Toaster- Also known as The Contemporary


PAC- The Parade Audience Control


101 and 102-  An attraction is down=101 or it’s operating=102


The Red Roof Inn-  The Grand Floridian


Protein Spill-  Someone has upchucked somewhere


DU- Disney University


The Hub- Refers to the central part of the park and everything “spokes” off from it into the various areas.


514- Lookout for or Check It Out


902- Vehicle accident


Code H- Horse on Main Street left behind a deposit


904 or Signal 25- Fire


Guest- The people visiting the parks


Signal V- The protein spill


ER- Early Release, castmember is going home early


Alpha Unit- Better call 911


Costumes- What castmembers wear as their attire







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