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February 24, 2014

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This Monday I am running a bit late, and for that I apologize, but our topic is “Disney Collections”. Disney Collections can be ANYTHING. Pins, stamped pennies, postcards, bumper stickers, stuffed animals, magnets buttons, pens, magnets, vinyls,  even pictures of certain things in the parks.  Just about everyone has a Disney item the collect.
In our house, we have a few. We collect pins, some Park and Funco vinyls in Little Mermaid, Stitch, Jack and a few other must have designs, I have a small assembly of collectors edition Little Mermaid dolls, my husband has assembled a small fleet of stuffed Stitchs (that would be my fault), as well a a good deal of Disney/Star Wars cross over items (his fault), and enough Jack Skellington shirts to cloth a small army.  Thanks to our adventure to the D23 Expo this summer I have recently started an itty bitty collection too. I also like to take photos in the parks of Disney light fixtures and exterior restroom signs. We even have prints of the Prince and Princess signs for the “old” Fantasyland bathrooms hanging   in frames covered in park maps, next to the door for our downstairs bathroom.
These collections not only take up space in our house, they show our love for Disney in the process. They show our #DisneySide to anyone who walks in our house. Recently we had to get our heating system replaced (thanks to the great oil tank debacle of Christmas 2013) and the installation guys were in the house for a few minutes and went “y’all must like Disney” because of the paint canvas with pins on it sitting in one of the rooms we were in.. These collections make us happy, they remind us of trips to the parks, moments in our lives like birthdays and anniversaries where we received a piece of collection as a gift,  and they help us keep Disney alive in our home.

So tonight I ask you, what Disney items do YOU collect.


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