The Best Day Ever ~ With Captain Jack Sparrow

February 18, 2014


Here’s a little story for you to start off your day, enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a pirate loving boy named Andrew. Andrew was at Walt Disney World with his family, enjoying the magic, fun, and sunshine. On this particular day of the story, Andrew was at the Magic Kingdom with his family. The skies were blue and there was a slight breeze, just enough to make the palm trees sway. There were Mickey balloons in the air, beautiful views of Cinderella Castle, and the smell of popcorn and churros all around. It’s a perfect day to be visiting Mickey at the Magic Kingdom. Speaking of Mickey, of course it was a goal of Andrew’s to meet the main Mouse, get his picture taken. He had been there before, so I believe meeting Mickey was expected. But, Andrew’s favorite meeting of the day didn’t involve Mickey, it involved an unexpected hero of his. Captain Jack Sparrow.

As Andrew and his family walked through all the Lands at the Magic Kingdom, he couldn’t help but think, “how much longer until we get to Pirates of the Caribbean?” Andrew was a big Pirates fan, and although he had been on the ride before, he didn’t remember it well because he was smaller then. Now, being a bigger boy, he was ready to experience it all. They walked and walked in the sun, it was hot, he was tired, but he still had that goal in mind, getting to the land of Pirates.

Finally, there it was. Pirates of the Caribbean, in all it’s glory. Can it get better then this? Why yes, it sure can. As the family was walking towards the attraction, someone familiar looking came strolling out. It was Captain Jack Sparrow. A small crowd started to follow the Captain, and he stopped right next the opening of the ride. Captain Jack and his Shipmate were looking for new members of their crew. They began to explain how they wanted recruits to sail with them on the open seas, and asked for volunteers. Andrew started jumping up and down with excitement, “pick me, pick me” he shouted. Andrew’s mother stood back, and just knew that he would get chosen. Sure enough, Andrew was one of the children chosen to go up with Jack. Andrew was beaming, he wondered what would happen next.

As Andrew and the other children stood next to their favorite Pirate, Captain Jack explained that they would need to learn how to fight with a sword. He gave a demonstration on what the kids were supposed to do. One by one, the children had “fighting” lessons with Jack’s first mate, and the Captain stood by and watched. Andrew was impatiently waiting his turn, he wanted to get out there and give it a try too. When it was finally Andrew’s turn to show his sword fighting skills, something magical happened. Andrew wasn’t going to battle the Pirate that the other children practiced with, he was going to be taught by Captain Jack himself! The look on his face said it all, he was beyond excited. He stepped up, took the sword, and exchanged blows with Jack. It was his favorite moment of the day. Not only did he get to ride his beloved attraction, he got to meet the “star” of it all.

Once the Pirate training was over, Captain Jack made the children take the Pirate Oath. Then, Jack gave them all an official scroll certification saying they were part of Jack’s crew. Captain Jack put his hand on Andrew’s head, gave him a pat, and just like that, he walked away. The show was over, but Andrew was left with the most exciting feeling, a huge smile, and a scroll from his hero. He and his family continued on, went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, browsed through the gift shop, and spent the rest of the day walking through the park.

Later that evening, the family had dinner with Winnie the Pooh, watched Spectromagic, and stayed for the fireworks. It was a magical day, to say the least. When Andrew got on the Monorail at the end of the night, his mother asked him how his day was. He said it was “the best day ever” with a huge smile on his face. For Andrew, it was indeed the best day. Disney offers so much magic for all their guests who come to visit. We all get to experience the warm, fuzzy feeling that being on Disney Property provides. But, once in awhile, some get lucky, and get to have just a pinch more of that magic. For Andrew, that day was his lucky day. The memories he will have will last a lifetime, courtesy of the magic that is Walt Disney World. Andrew will never forget the day he got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow. Best. Day. Ever!


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