Happy Birthday Michele, Love Scott

February 13, 2014

Today is the birthday of our leader and my best friend, Michele.  Everyday she wakes up and starts working to bring the magic to each and everyone of us.  Her dedication and her want to make everyone see Disney the way she sees it keeps her going.  She loves the comments she gets from everyone when they simply say thank you or you made my day.  The messages she has gotten from others saying she put into words exactly how they feel.  The memories she has shared all come from her heart.  She loves the friends she has made through TMSM and she wants to continue to bring it all to you each and everyday as long as you want her to.  Today being her birthday, please join me in telling her Happy Birthday and also thank her for all her hard work.

Happy Birthday Michele, I love you and hope you have the most Magical birthday ever….. Love Scott
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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Michele, Love Scott”
  1. Happy Birthday Michele! As one who shares your love of Disney, I wish you a magical day and just as magical year ahead! Thanks for all you do! Now go eat some cake!

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