PUSH the Talking Trashcan Gone from WDW.

February 9, 2014


As we reported last night, PUSH the talking trashcan made his last appearance. There has been a big Save Push campaign going on, and last week news outlets said that Push would be staying at Walt Disney World. We got word last night from a member who is a manager in Tomorrowland at WDW that Push had been dismantled and his room was cleared out. Since then, other Tomorrowland CM’s have also confirmed this to be true. I know this comes as quite a bit of upset for many Disney Fans, but we wanted our members to now the real deal first. Disney has no made an official statement as of yet, but as soon as they do we promise to fill you in. Thank you to the people who gave us this exclusive information, and thank you to Push for all the magical memories, you will be missed.

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