Insider Information on the Festival of Fantasy Parade Costumes!

February 9, 2014

Last week, we showed you two of the new costumes that were being previewed for the upcoming Festival of Fantasy Parade. Well, now, we have a little more information regarding each costume and the parade, thanks to our on the scene reporter, Dianna! Dianna was at the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and spoke to two Cast Members about the preview, and here’s what she found out:


Members had speculated that this costume had something to do with candy or treats, but that’s not the case. This costume is actually a seashell lady, and she will go along with the Ariel Float! The source also said that these beautiful costumes are so elaborate, that most CM’s are afraid to touch them! Wow!


Alright, now to the bird costume that people were wondering about. The blue bird, is actually black! His wings open to a 10ft span and he is more mechanical than it appears in the picture. The black bird will be paired with the Maleficent float! I know a few of you guessed that, and you were right!

Another little piece of info she got from the Cast Members is that all the floats have hidden mickeys on them. The Maleficent float has 5 but one can never been see since you have to be on the float to see it. Pretty cool, right? Thanks to our TMSM Reporter Dianna for chatting it up with some CM’s yesterday to get us the inside scoop! More info to follow as we hear, I was told that more sketches would be released this week.

The Festival of Fantasy Parade is set to debut in March!

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