Super Bowl Champions for January 28

Super Bowl Champions for January 28 1

Today, in keeping with my Super Bowl and going to Disney theme I bring to your attention 3 different champions announcing where they are going after the game.

SB Champions
1990: Super Bowl XXIV  Played in New Orleans quarterback Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers shouts “I’m going to Disney World!” after his team defeats the Denver Broncos, 55–10. It’s the second year in a row that Montana appears in the Disney ad.  Below are the video’s from the Super Bowl XXIIV as I couldn’t find the one for XXIV, but you get the idea.

1996: Super Bowl XXX Played in Tempe, Arizona at Sun Devil Stadium featured the Dallas Cowboys beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17. After the game, Dallas Running Back Emmitt Smith did this video:

2001: Super Bowl XXXV was played in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida featured the Baltimore Ravens beating the New York Giants 34-7. Baltimore Quarterback Trent Dilfer after the game said he was going to Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the video of this but I have found a few pictures of his trip. The first is him and the main mouse and the 2nd is him, Mickey and his family in the parade that day.
sb dilfer and mickey


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  1. mm TMSM Avenger says:

    Hello sshine
    Normally yes the parade is the next day with the MVP of the game. Hopefully you will get to see it and if you do, please post pictures so we can all see.

  2. sshine says:

    Is the parade at Magic Kingdom usually the day after the game? I’ll be there next week and hoping to get to see that.

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