Star Wars Behind The Scenes Shots

January 13, 2014

One thing I love to see, is behind the scenes shots from different films.  One movie saga I have always loved to see behind the scenes of is Star Wars.  I’ve read many books, watched many documentaries and searched the web for any pictures I could find.  To see how they did things then, without the technology of today is amazing.

Lately, Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) from the original trilogy and also Episode III, has been showing various behind the scenes shots from the films on his Twitter account.  You can follow his account here, but I wanted to show some of the pictures with Peter’s commentary for each.  He still has more on his account so go and take a look and remember to follow him.  He states he still has about 1,200 more photos.

[nggallery id=21]

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