Michele’s Must-Do’s ~ WDW, Part 1

January 13, 2014


I know that once the holiday’s are done, a lot of people, including myself, evaluate the upcoming year, and try to find where Disney can come into play. It’s January, it’s cold outside and I find myself doing a bit of Disney Dreaming…. sigh. In the middle of all these dreams, I stopped for a minute, and thought about what would be a “must-do” for me if I was actually going to WDW. I am a Disney creature of habit, I do a lot of the same things when I’m in the World, I don’t branch out much for some reason. While I do have a goal to try new things the next time I’m on Disney Property, I know I’ll still stick with certain must-do’s as well. Here are a few of my own personal MUST-DO’s (in no particular order) while at WDW!

Breakfast at Donald’s Tusker House, Animal Kingdom~
I don’t like to get up “too” early while on vacation, but having breakfast at Tusker House is something I’ll gladly get up a little earlier for. The food is good, the atmosphere is excellent, and the Characters are just magical! The fact that Mickey comes to your table in his best Safari gear is the clincher for me! The kids love the fun and food, and so do I. Yep, at total must do!


Wishes at the Magic Kingdom~
Not only is seeing the Wishes fireworks show a must-do, it’s a strategically placed one at that. Like most people, we plan out our daily activities at WDW, choosing certain parks on certain days. I usually go to the Magic Kingdom twice, and the last day of vacation is one of them. I want to spend my last full day at WDW in my favorite park, the one that leaves the biggest impression on my heart. Closing out the day/vacation watching the fireworks boom over the castle is the best way to do so. And yes…. I cry when Wishes is over, and during most of the Monorail ride back to the parking lot.

The Haunted Mansion, MK~
I don’t care if the ride had a wait, if it’s raining, if it’s not on our schedule etc…… I will ride the Haunted Mansion every time we go to WDW. Every time. I’m a huge chicken when it comes to typical haunted houses, like the kind you see all over at Halloween each year. The Haunted Mansion is the ONLY haunted attraction I’ll step in to, anywhere, and I absolutely love it.

Taking Certain Photos~
I have a habit of taking pictures of the same landmarks or items each time I’m on a Disney vacation. No, these items don’t change from trip to trip, but I take pics of them like it’s the first time seeing them. Let’s see… The Castle, Tree of Life, Spaceship Earth, Sorcerer’s Hat, Characters, Entry signs for each park, street signs (yes, street signs), Mickey balloons, the World of Disney store, palm trees, my family wearing silly hats and random food pics. Can’t help myself…. why fight it, right?


Soarin’ at Epcot~
Soarin’ is one attraction at Epcot that I have to go on. I’ve never stood in the forever long Stand-by line, I always plan ahead, but it’s something I never miss. There’s just something about riding high up in the sky, smelling oranges over the groves, seeing the fireworks at the end….. it’s amazing. Oh, and seeing David Puddy from Seinfeld at the helm, Patrick Warburton, is always amusing for me as well.

I don’t know why, but buying certain souvenirs at certain locations seems to become a must-do. I have to buy something from the resort we’re staying at of course, plus an item at each park as well. For some reason, I go into a buying frenzy while on Disney property. I can justify spending more money for a t-shirt than I would any place else on earth… same goes for jewelry, hats, stuffed animals, etc. I’ll worry about how much I spent later, once the Disney buzz has worn off.

Can you relate to any of these things on my MUST-DO list? This is just a few items that came to the top of my head first, I plan to give you another round of my personal must-do’s in Part 2, so stay tuned! ~M

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6 thoughts on “Michele’s Must-Do’s ~ WDW, Part 1”
  1. I’m the same with photos – same ones year after year, starting in the ferry boat crossing the Seven Seas Lagoon. And the Walt and Mickey “Partners” statue gets it from all angles, every year! Ridiculous, but part of the magic.

  2. Well, crap, thanks to snow I know I now forgot Hall of Presidents at MK and the American Adventure at Epcot. I knew I’d forgotten some things. 😀

  3. I, also, have to agree about Haunted Mansion but I have other “must dos”….the Hall of Presidents takes my breath away every time. I probably can recite it word for word but I love watching the Presidents who aren’t involved in the speeches because they have subtle movements and I love catching something new each time. Carousel of Progress is a must do because we first saw it at the World’s Fair while we were in college. I just love all the “decorations”….I’m an antique lover. In my next life, I’d love to be an Imagineer for the various attractions. I love to decorate….and that’s just part of why I love MK…of yes!! ….Dole Whips!!!

  4. I have so many must-dos.

    At the Magic Kingdom it’s: breakfast at the Main Street Bakery, Space Mountain, the People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Haunted Mansion, the Tiki Room and Pirates.

    Epcot is SPACESHIP EARTH!, Soarin’, Nemo, Journey into Imagination, Maelstrom and breakfast at Sunshine Seasons.

    Hollywood Studios is Star Tours, Great Movie Ride, Tower of Terror, eat at the Sci-Fi Diner and the 50’s Diner.

    Animal Kingdom is breakfast at Rain Forest Cafe, the Safari, Expedition Everest (multiple times), Dinosaur and lunch at Flame Tree BBQ.

    And those must do rides generally mean that I ride them several times when I’m there.

    Oh, and riding the monorail is a must-do. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. Man, I love Disney World though.

  5. I am definitely with you as far as Haunted Mansion, pictures, and souvenirs go! If we had our way, we would go once a year (if not more), but our bank account dictates only once every few years. But, when we do go, we do the same things, and we get just as excited, as if it was our first time!

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