Recap of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Cameo coming

January 8, 2014


So did you tune in last night to watch Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?  If you are like me, you have been waiting for this episode.  When we last saw the show, Agent Coulson had been kidnapped by Centipede.  Centipede took Agent Coulson in place for Mike Peterson, so Mike could get his son back.  After Mike gets his son and gives him to Skye to watch, he is running toward the soldiers taking Agent Coulson and you see an explosion and it appears Mike has been killed in an explosion.

We find out fairly early why Centipede wanted to kidnap Agent Coulson.  They have all these soldiers that will fight for them, but once they die they have no way to bring them back.  The “Clairvoyant”, whom we haven’t seen yet, could see everything except for when Coulson was brought back to life, after his demise at the hands of Loki in The Avengers.  So Centipede plans to find out how Agent Coulson was brought back to life so they can use that for their soldiers.   Meanwhile, back on the bus, the team is being lead by Agent Hand.  In one of her first moves, she boots Skye off the bus, after asking May if Skye would be of any help on the bus.  May’s response is simply no and Skye is sent away.  So once Skye if off the bus she starts doing her investigating and through all her work is eventually able to locate Coulson’s location.  We also find out that May said no she was no help on the bus, because she knew that Skye would find out more information when she would have the ability to investigate the way she can.  Without Agent Hand watching her every step.  The team wants to save Agent Coulson, even though it doesn’t seem like a priority for Agent Hand.

While Skye is locating Coulson, acting as Agent May, we see Coulson is on a machine that is going to allow him to bring up the memories of “The Magical Place”.  All season we have heard what a wonderful place Tahiti was and the memories all seem good.  You even see his memory where Agent Coulson is getting a massage.  Agent Coulson comes off the machine and tells the Centipede leader he will die before he gives up any information.  Well eventually the woman doctor takes over and convinces Coulson he deserves to know what happened and eventually convinces him to go on the machine again.  This time the memory starts out with the massage and drinks and then you see flashes to a doctor in a operating room.  You hear Coulson begging to die, you hear another doctor saying this was ordered by Nick Fury.  You then see the camera back and there are 2 doctors and Agent Coulson strapped to a table with his entire brain explosed and some machine that is shocking different parts of his brain.

Agent Coulson Surgery

At this time,  Skye and the rest of the team have found where Coulson is being held.  They take out the Centipede soldiers who try to stop them and the Agents succeed.  Skye locates the room where Agent Coulson is on the machine and you keep hearing him say “Let Me Die”.  He keeps repeating it over and over and Skye awakens him and she is crying as he wakes up.  Now the team has their leader back and eventually you see them all back on the bus and Agent Hand leaving.  You also see Agent Coulson remove the bracelet that Skye is wearing, that tracks her.  Agent Coulson also speaking to Skye, tells her that was all show and not what really happened with him wanting to die.  I think it was just to protect her from what he went through.  After this you see a nice house and a man walking toward his SUV.  We realize then that the man is one of the doctors who operated on Agent Coulson.  This particular doctor was the one saying “let him die”.  Agent Coulson asks, what happened exactly and the doctor spills it all.  We come to find out that Agent Coulson wasn’t dead for 8 seconds or 45 seconds or whatever else it said in the file.  You find out he was dead for days.  We also find out that Nick Fury ordered doctors and scientists to perform at least 7 emergency surgeries to bring back Agent Coulson. The doctor also tells Agent Coulson that they had to erase the bad parts of his memory so he wouldn’t remember what happened and they filled that area with the memories of Tahiti, that actually never happened.  The doctor keeps apologizing to Agent Coulson they they should have let him die, as he was begging for that.  You hear a door slam and Agent Coulson is gone.

Next scene shows Mike Peterson laying in what looks like a hospital room, he is burnt bad and minus one leg but he is alive.  We also see that he is getting orders, so I guess that story line is still going.  We just don’t know who is giving him orders.  The people who were with Agent Coulson are now in custody so that leads me to believe its the Clairvoyant.

I wonder if they are going to explain still more about Agent Coulson and what happened exactly?  We also know that there is going to be more information in regards to Skye and who her parents are.  All I can say is last nights episode was a really good one, in my opinion.  The action and the story line last night was perfect.  I’m excited to see what the future holds for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

One thing I do know for sure in regards to the future, Stan Lee will be making a cameo on a upcoming episode.  The episode is set to air on February 4, 2014.  I will be interested to see if he will just be an extra in a scene or if he will have a larger role. Either way, that is a episode I won’t miss.

Stan and the Agents


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