How Well Do You Know… the Muppets?

January 4, 2014


We wanted to share this little Muppets trivia with all of you, from the Disney Insider:

Are you a Miss Piggy maven or a Fozzie fan? Show off your knowledge of the lovable Muppets with our totally gonzo trivia challenge!

1) Who plays keyboard with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem?

A) Dr. Teeth
B) Animal
C) Janice
2) What kind of creature is Pepe?

A) Lobster
B) Shrimp
C) King Prawn
3) In The Muppet Christmas Carol, who plays Scrooge?

A) Statler and Waldorf, as a team
B) Michael Caine
C) Sam the Eagle
4) In “The Muppets,” what is the name of the villain?

A) Tex Richman
B) Rich Greedman
C) Marvin Mogul
5) What is Bunsen’s last name?

A) Honeydew
B) Beaker
C) Henson
6) In Muppets from Space, which Muppet turns out to be an extra-terrestrial?

A) Animal
B) The Great Gonzo
C) The Swedish Chef
Scroll down to see how you did!

Muppets Most Wanted


1) A – Janice plays lead guitar and Animal, of course, plays drums.

2) C – He’s a king prawn, of course – and he won’t let you forget it!

3) B – Though not, in fact, a Muppet, Michael Caine made a memorable Scrooge.

4) A – Richman wants to tear down the Muppets’ studio and replace it with oil wells!

5) A – Bunsen Honeydew is a slightly mad scientist, and Beaker is his hapless assistant. Henson, of course, is the last name of the Muppets’ creator, Jim Henson.

6) B – But we find all the Muppets to be out of this world.


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