How Well Do You Know … Ratatouille?

December 28, 2013


Courtesy of our friends at the Disney Insider Blog:

Still thinking about the the lavish feasts of the holiday season, our thoughts turn towards a plucky little rat with a passion for food of his own. How well do you remember Ratatouille?Show off your smarts and remember – Anyone Can Cook.

1) What exactly is ratatouille?

A) An elaborate winter salad

B) A savory dish of eggplant, tomato, and zucchini

C) They made it up for the movie

D) A delicious French dessert with cherries and cream

2) Who voiced the mercurial waiter Mustafa?

A) Brad Bird

B) Emeril Lagasse

C) John Ratzenberger

D) James Earl Jones

3) What is Chef Gusteau’s first name?

A) Auguste

B) Pierre

C) Jacques

D) Louis

4) One of Gusteau’s kitchen staffers is named Larousse. What is this a reference to?

A) A notorious Parisian prison

B) An elaborate sweet dessert

C) A book on cookery and cuisine

D) A French museum of modern art

5) Which famous chef was a consultant for the film?

A) Thomas Keller

B) Joel Bouchon

C) Charlie Trotter

D) Alice Waters

6) The film’s human hero is Linguini – but what’s his first name?

A) Pierre

B) Alfredo

C) Marcel

D) Vongole

Scroll down to see how you did!



1) B – You get a lovely view of a composed ratatouille in the film, but the ingredients can also be jumbled together.

2) C – Ratzenberger has voiced a character in every Pixar film to date.

3) A – Gusteau is an anagram of Auguste.

4) C – Larousse Gastronomique is the revered French encyclopedia of cooking, including recipes and food history. However another character in the film, Pompidou, is named after Paris’ museum of modern art.

5) A – Keller helped the Pixar crew learn their way around a restaurant kitchen and explore haute cuisine. He even voiced a customer at Gusteau’s.

6) B – Alfredo Linguini. If you’ve ever sampled linguini Alfredo, the inspiration for this one should be obvious.


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