“A Sparkling Christmas” at Disneyland Hong Kong

December 25, 2013


Since 1949 the Communist Party of China, which is an atheist organization, has governed China. It presently formally permits five religions in China: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Protestantism, and Catholicism (though despite historic links, for political reasons, the Chinese Catholic Church has been separated from the Roman Catholic Church). Christmas is not an official holiday in China, so most offices, schools and shops remain open. Chinese New Year is the Chinese version of Christmas in China, but many Chinese get in the holiday spirit at Christmas in China. Disneyland in Hong Kong opened in September 2005, making it the “youngest” Disney park.


Disneyland Hong Kong has several wonderfully fun special events, shows, and is filled with holiday decorations during the holiday celebration named “Sparkling Christmas”. Throughout the park you will find many holiday events unique to Disneyland Hong Kong.  Main Street U.S.A transforms into Christmas Town and is decorated with whimsical Christmas ornaments, ribbons, huge candy canes and a large number of twinkling lights. Along Main Street throughout the festivities you can meet Mickey and friends and Duffy in their Christmas fashions.
Near Sleeping Beauty Castle, a village of bite-size houses constructed from a wide variety of candies and other edible materials are available for purchase. Guests can walk through the streets of “Gingerbread Village” and peek into their tiny windows and see how Disney characters prepare for Christmas Eve.

The daily “Let It Snow” Christmas parade down Main Street U.S.A features hundreds of dancers, upbeat versions of Christmas songs, and fake snow falls on park guests. At dusk toy soldiers fall in line during the “Procession of Toys” to help light the 60 foot tall Christmas tree in Town Square. The “Christmas Illumination” ceremony features Santa Goofy, Mickey and Minnie and dancers, lights and snowflakes fill the stage with music and dancing.


In Fantasyland “it’s a small world” goes through a holiday transformation and is decked out inside and out with Christmas lights and decorations and a seasonal soundtrack accompanies the standard theme song of the ride as guests make their voyage around the world. In Grizzly Gulch visitors can see “The Winter Wish” show a season story of the bears from Big Grizzly Mountain. In Toy Story Land visitors can take part in “Let’s Tell a Toy Story” a puppet adventure. Guests can even enjoy a festive Christmas meal at one of the numerous restaurants throughout the park, to include the Christmas buffet in Fantasyland’s Royal Banquet Hall.

This year Disneyland Hong Kong visitors can purchase unique holiday themed items, to include personalized Disney Christmas ornaments, winter wear, and holiday snacks and treats. Even the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel gets in on the festive celebrations by decorating the hotel lobby and rooms in Christmas festive trimmings.




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