Every Role A Starring Role at Disneyland Resort

Every Role a Starring RoleHave you ever walked through a Disney park and wondered, how does all this come together everyday?  Who are the people that work hard each and everyday to bring us the magic?  Well for some time now, Disney Parks has been showing videos titled “Every Role A Starring Role”.  Each video features a different employee at Disneyland and what they do exactly. From candy makers, to engineers, maintenance, to custodians these video’s show just how important each and every job is at Disneyland.

If you are interested in watching some of these videos, you can find them on YouTube.  Just do a search on “Every Role A Starring Role at Disneyland” and you will see the list of video’s appear.  I can’t say exactly how many of these I have watched, but honestly they are interesting and fun.  You’ll hear some great stories from the Cast Members, and you get to see just how important their role is to the magic.

These Cast Members are the ones that bring the magic to life for each of us Disney fans, when we are in the parks.  Next time you see a Cast Member, thank them for what they do.  Let them know you appreciate their commitment and dedication to their role.

I wanted to include one of the videos for you to see right here.  This is the video of Dave who is a machinist.  Dave works overnight on Pirates of the Caribbean to make sure its working properly for the next day.  This is a role that most probably don’t even think about.  Even when the parks are closed to the public, they are full of Cast Members getting it ready for the next day of magic.


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