Who Wants to Animate a Mickey Mouse Short?

December 17, 2013


What Disney fan hasn’t thought, at  one time or another,  how much fun it would be to create a Mickey Mouse short.  Well now thanks to Disney’s latest app you can.  The new Disney app is available for the iPhone and iPad and is called Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up.

In this new Disney app, kids of all ages will have fun.  The app allows you to use your imagination and have fun with Mickey.  In the app, you can draw, play games, and help our favorite mouse get out of sticky situations, you can even get him dressed.  As a bonus feature, users will be able to view clips from the Mickey Mouse short “No Service!”.

One great part of the app, is that you have the ability to create your own character that will be able to interact and join Mickey in his journeys.  Mickey Mouse: Mash-Up features narration by Mickey, drawing prompts to help him on his adventure, and a gallery to host all of your own drawings.  This app really is for any age.

The cost of the app is only $3.99 and is available in the iTunes store.  From all the reviews I’ve read, people seem to be really happy with it.  If you download the app, please share your experience either here or on our facebook page.

Here are a few more screen shots:




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