All Star Resorts losing “Key to the World” Cards

December 4, 2013


Beginning today, December 4th, the All Star Movies Resort at WDW will no longer give guests the “Key to the World” card at check in. Guests will now receive MagicBands in place of the key card, for all their needs while on Disney Property. The change happened yesterday for All Star Sports, and will be implemented on December 6 for All Star Music.

The changes are coming on the heel of a successful test run at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. Like previously stated, guests will receive a MagicBand, but a Key to the World card can be requested. However, the Key to the World Card cannot be used for regular FASTPASS, but can be used in place of, or in addition to a MagicBand.

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2 thoughts on “All Star Resorts losing “Key to the World” Cards”
  1. The “key to the world” card is used for your room key, to get into the parks and whatelse you do at Disney. But I find this interesting that they are doing away with the ‘key to the world’ cards. And I say that because I was there this past October (not at this resort) and I had to use my ‘key to the world’ card to get into the guest laundry room and seeing you can only setup 3 fast passes a day on your magic band (which I love) I had to use the ‘key to the world’ card to get the other fast passes I needed. So if we will only have the magic bands what about the other fass passed you will need????

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