It’s Our (Re) Birthday TMSM Fans!

December 1, 2013


On December 1, 2012, The Main Street Mouse was relaunched . While we have been around since the Summer of 2010, we had taken a hiatus on the actual site and took it down for over a year. The presence on Facebook was still there, but the site itself was gone. After much consideration, and encouragement from our loyal fans, TMSM underwent a complete rebuild. On this day last year, we gave the fans what they wanted, and The Main Street Mouse was reborn! Not only was TMSM reborn, it was created even better than before, and the people who gave us the support are a big part of why it’s a success.

In the past year, TMSM has grown into something much bigger than I had ever imagined. Some days I still can’t believe what has become of our little site. It’s not so little anymore! What started as a dream from Disney Fans, transformed into something much more magical. Our Disney “Fans” have turned into our Disney FAMILY! We have hit so many milestones since last year. Our Facebook presence alone is off the charts, over 120,000 fans thanks to our amazing supporters! The site itself started off great with around 220,000 page hits for the month of December, 2012. The numbers have grown, and for the month of November 2013, TMSM had over 9 MILLION page hits! Can you believe that? I barely can! To say I’m grateful is a total understatement! What a difference a year makes!

So, where do we go from here? Well, for me, it’s to keep bringing quality Disney entertainment to our growing Disney Family each day. It was a goal of mine to not only keep our members updated on the latest Disney happenings, but to also have a personal touch with our blogs so that everyday Disney fans can relate to them. It’s these personal blogs that help make TMSM more of a Disney Family, rather than just a fan site. With your help, TMSM can continue to grow and be the best we can be. We thank you so much for the amazing support and participation in all that we do here. Happy Birthday TMSM’ers, it’s YOUR day too! As Walt said, we’ll “Keep Moving Forward” and continue to bring you that good old Disney Magic each day! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, here’s to many more years to come! ~Michele

**A special THANK YOU to our support staff as well for all they do! Scott (TMSM’s Webmaster), Sue, Autumn, Corey, Mike, Kelly, Hugh and Dianna.

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  1. Congratulations…and Happy Birthday!!! I know I’ve certainly enjoyed my time hanging around here…and plan on sticking around. Keep up the great work!!!

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