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November 14, 2013

Last week I mentioned that wanted to start a new section somewhere that coincides with giving back to others, and sharing Magical expereriences here on TMSM.  In addition to sharing some inspiration, I wanted to also focus on the wonderful Cast Members that Disney Parks have, and how they contribute to our Disney Family with stories and photos.  In our monthly Newsletter, I plan to start a new section called “Cast Member Corner” that will feature a story or input from one of our CM friends that are here on The Main Street Mouse.  One of my dear Cast Member friends, Michael, has graciously shared some lovely stories with us already, and here is another one from him!




“Lately I’ve been seeing “Throwback Thursdays” on people’s posts. So, as I went through some thing’s last night I found my very FIRST GUEST fanatic card and her picture.  On 8/4/12, which happens to be my sons birthday, I encountered Brittany Horbal.  She at the time turned 25 Magical Ears old. While she was walking through the Emporium I noticed her “Celebrating Button” which said 5 years post liver transplant. Her SMILE light up the Emporium as she was now in the Magic Kingdom.  As I approached her, I said “That’s AWESOME”. As she thanked me, I said no thank you!  I explained to her how special this day was to me, and grabbed a TIARA and placed it on her head. I then placed a sash of stickers around her saying “Princess Brittany may all your dreams come true”. I finished it off with a Princess button.  She hugged me so very tight, and her mother and sisters started crying.  They told me, “we’ve been here a week and no one acknowledged Brittany’s button”.  My response was, while that is sad, always remember it’s never about how we start, but ALL about how we finish. Whether it be a day, week, year or our journey in LIFE.  The fact is you’re LIVING.  I explained to the family that being here in the most MAGICAL place is what’s it’s truly ALL about, spending time with those you LOVE, and I left to go to a new assignment. I was called back later as Princess Brittany and her family were waiting with my FIRST GUEST fanatic card from a GUEST to hand to me.  All because I gave her time, hope and explained to NEVER give up, as today my son turned 9 ears old, when at 3 Ears it was looking not very promising and grim!  A TRUE amazing family, the Horbal’s are. I’ll always CHERISH that moment in my LIFE!”  ~Michael Signorello, Disney Cast Member, MK.

This is what I want Everyone.  These kinds of stories!  I believe it is SO imporant to spread stories of HOPE and MAGIC, in addition to our everyday articles and such on TMSM.  God blessed me with this huge platform, and with all of you, so I feel it’s important to give back if I can.  Are you a Disney Cast Member that has some magic you’d like to share?  OR….. Are you someone who had a MAGICAL experience at a Disney Park?  If so, then I want to hear from YOU! Help me help others, and help me to make a difference in someone’s day.  We can send out a message of magic, hope and love if you’re willing to contribute.  I will be posting another lovely story in our November Edition of The Main Street Beat, which will be out in a few days.  November’s Edition will feature our first “Cast Member Corner” section, so be on the lookout for that.  If you would like to contribute to this mission to bring some inspiration to those who need it, please feel free to comment here, message me through Facebook, or email me at [email protected].  I appreciate the help!  Thanks Everyone, and thank you to my MAGICAL friend Michael for helping me spread some Disney joy!

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One thought on “Random Acts of Kindness ~ Cast Member Corner”
  1. LOVE this! Every time we’ve been to WDW, something special has happened to us. From the simple year of a million dreams a cast member giving us the tinkerbell pin one to keep one to share event, to my daughter’s sweet 16 celebration in the castle where we had a tiara and flowers delivered for her from the Disney florist and Princess Aurora came over to help crown her… something wonderful always happens.
    The day after my husband’s IronMan event, the cast members over at the soft serve ice cream stand across from New Fantasyland, saw how exhausted he looked and presented him with an enormous bowl of ice cream and 4 spoons, saying the Fairy Godmother had seen him and knew just what he needed! SO awesome! This is why I adore WDW and it’s amazing cast members!

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