The Skeleton Dance “Remixed”

November 1, 2013

Well the Halloween season is over.  For some people they are happy to be moving forward and already looking to that big turkey dinner and a day full of football.  Last night seeing all the kids (and adults) dressed in the different costumes was fun as always.  Of course I’m always looking to see what Disney costumes people are wearing. Seemed I saw a lot more Star Wars and Marvel characters around the neighborhood.  I have to say that the skeletons always grab my attention walking the neighborhood, it is a timeless classic costume.

In 1929, Silly Symphonies released the animated short “The Skeleton Dance”.  The cartoon was produced and directed by Walt Disney and animated by Ub Iwerks.  If you haven’t seen the short I have it here for your enjoyment.

In the classic film, four human skeletons dance and make music around a spooky graveyard.  For the time and with what abilities they had with technology and such, this film is so great.  The music that goes along with the animation would lead you to believe that it was a newer short.  “The Skeleton Dance” was the first entry in the Silly Symphonies series.   In 1994, the “Dance” was voted #18 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field.

Yesterday, the Oh My Disney blog released a updated remix version from Tom Thum.  Tom is known for his internet beatboxing fame.  It’s great to see someone taking a classic and bringing it back to life in a whole new way.  For the die hard fans you may not like that someone took the classic and redid it, but I think you can enjoy both.  Walt always looked to the future and what we could do with technology and this is an example of what can be done.  Enjoy!!


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